Cancellation of Programs

A program may be cancelled voluntarily or involuntarily. The following are the procedures for each scenario.

Description of the types of cancellation of programs

Voluntary Cancellation

A sponsor can request in writing that their program be cancelled. That request must be faxed or mailed to DAT. The person responsible for the program, program coordinator, or company owner must sign the request. A cancellation date must be on the letter, and the company and any active apprentices will be cancelled effective that date.

Involuntary Cancellation

A program may be cancelled by the Director of DAT because of inactivity of a program for one (1) year or longer.

A program may also be cancelled because of a violation of the Apprenticeship Law.

Processing of Cancellation

A program can be suspended for violation of the Apprenticeship Law. When this occurs, the program sponsor will be notified in writing that there is a proposed suspension pending. The sponsor then has ten (10) days to respond in writing to request a hearing to discuss said violations. If no letter is received, the suspension or cancellation is automatic.

If a program sponsor requests a hearing then the Director will render a decision based on the facts presented. The sponsor will be notified in writing of the outcome, if the sponsor is required to submit more information they must do so within the deadline specified or the suspension/cancellation will stand.

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