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CCIS Spotlight: Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Residents

The COVID Community Impact Survey (CCIS) AAPI Spotlight highlights the experiences and inequities faced by AAPI residents during the pandemic.

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Summary of key findings

  • Despite the common belief that the AAPI community is a monolith, the data shows that the experiences of these individuals vary greatly, especially during the pandemic.
  • Asian Americans as a single group appear to fare as well as white respondents across a range of outcomes measured. However, CCIS highlighted the wide socio-economic inequities among AAPI ethnicities. Each AAPI ethnic group faced its own set of unique but significant challenges during the pandemic.
  • Cambodian residents, many of whom reside in Lowell and Lynn, are experiencing some of the worst inequities among all 50 ethnic groups captured on CCIS: 71% work outside the home, risking COVID-19 infection, and one in five suffered a recent job loss. They were more likely to report poor mental health than other AAPI respondents, and half of all of Cambodian respondents reported worry about getting food.
  • Vietnamese residents are experiencing significant economic hardship, including concerns about expenses, food insecurity, and accessing medication. Half of Vietnamese respondents work outside the home, risking COVID-19 infection, and half are worried about food access like getting groceries. Two in three Vietnamese respondents worried about paying for expenses, and one in four worried about getting medication in the coming weeks.
  • Koreans and Japanese respondents experienced some of the highest rates of marijuana use and delayed medical care among all 50 CCIS ethnic groups.
  • Asian Indians experienced the second highest rate of intimate partner violence during the pandemic among all 50 CCIS ethnic groups.

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