CCIS Spotlight: Black Residents

The COVID Community Impact Survey (CCIS) Black Residents Spotlight highlights the experiences and inequities faced by Black residents during the pandemic.

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Summary of key findings

  • The inequitable impacts from the pandemic on Black communities cannot be explained by socioeconomics alone: Black non-Hispanic/non-Latinx respondents with graduate degrees were more likely to worry about expenses compared to white non-Hispanic/non-Latinx respondents with less than a bachelor's degree.
  • Though 50% of Massachusetts parents were worried about expenses, Black non-Hispanic/non-Latinx parents were even more worried (74%) about expenses. 69% of Black non-Hispanic/non-Latinx respondents - parents or not - were worried about expenses. 
  • The history of redlining and housing segregation has caused Black people to be concentrated in areas where there has been disinvestment, discrimination, and disproportionate environmental impact. Even within those communities, Black people still suffer disproportionally from the impact of COVID-19 compared to white people. 

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