CCIS Spotlight: Discrimination and Race

The COVID Community Impact Survey (CCIS) Discrimination and Race Spotlight highlights experiences of discrimination during the pandemic and their impact on health.

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Summary of key findings

  • Non-Hispanic/non-Latinx respondents identifying as Black, Asian American, and multiracial experienced discrimination at rates that were up to 12 times as high as that of non-Hispanic/non-Latinx white respondents.
  • Among those who reported experiencing discrimination, non-Hispanic/non-Latinx Black and non-Hispanic/non-Latinx - multiracial respondents reported experiencing discrimination from police and security guards at a rate more than 15 times that of non-Hispanic/non-Latinx white, Asian American, or an other race.
  • For many people, experiencing discrimination during the pandemic was associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)-like experiences. Among non-Hispanic/non-Latinx Black and Asian American respondents, those who reported discrimination during the pandemic were twice as likely to also report PTSD-like reactions that they attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, compared to those who did not report discrimination. This builds on significant research on the lasting and cumulative impact of racial discrimination on mental health.

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