CCIS Spotlight: Hispanic/Latinx Residents

The COVID Community Impact Survey (CCIS) Hispanic/Latinx Spotlight highlights the experiences and inequities faced by Hispanic/Latinx residents during the pandemic.

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Summary of key findings

  • The more than half of Hispanic/Latinx workers who worked outside the home, were less likely than white, non-Hispanic/non-Latinx workers to report receiving employer-provided protections, and less likely to have paid sick leave.
  • The types of jobs Hispanic/Latinx respondents have put them at higher risk of getting COVID-19. Hispanic/Latinx residents were more than three times as likely to get infected with COVID and almost twice as likely to be hospitalized for COVID compared to white, non-Hispanic/non-Latinx residents.
  • More than half of Hispanic/Latinx healthcare workers work in community and social services, healthcare support, and office and administrative support occupations. Hispanic/Latinx healthcare workers were significantly more likely to suffer poor mental health days in the past 30 days compared to white, non-Hispanic/non-Latinx healthcare workers. 
  • Hispanic/Latinx parents - especially parents ages 25-34 - have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. Of Hispanic/Latinx parents: 31% reduced their hours or took leave from work to take care of their children; 75% reported being worried about any expenses; 57% reported being worried about housing expenses; 28% reported experiencing PTSD-like reactions during COVID-19; and 80% of Hispanic/Latinx parents ages 25-34 reported poor mental health days during the pandemic.

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