CCIS Spotlight: Social Determinants of Health

The COVID Community Impact Survey (CCIS) Social Determinants of Health Spotlight focuses on the social determinants of health and their relationship to COVID-related outcomes.

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Summary of key findings

  • Regular income is critical to afford essential medication, food, and health services, but some populations have been hit harder by employment-related changes than others. ​Expenses that respondents were concerned about paying included housing, utilities, debt, vehicle expenses, and insurance.
  • Women were twice as likely as men, and Hispanic/Latinx adults almost twice as likely as white non-Hispanic/non-Latinx adults to change the status or nature of their employment to take care of children.​
  • ​Food insecurity is directly associated with mortality from obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease, which are all also risk factors for more severe COVID-19 illness and mortality.​ More than one in four (28%) respondents worried about getting food or groceries in the coming weeks.
  • One in five respondents worried that they would be required to move out of their home in the next few months.

Spotlight slides and webinar


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