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Civil Service overview for veterans

Information on eligible lists, promotional exams, open competitive exams and more

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Veterans and eligible lists

In accordance with General Law Chapter 31, section 26, veterans are given preference on the eligibility list of civil service positions in the following order:

  • Disabled Veterans
  • Veterans
  • Spouses or single parents of veterans who were killing in action or who died from a service-connected disability incurred during wartime service, provided that the spouse or parent has not remarried

This placement is only superceded by General Law Chapter 31, section 58, regarding residency preference, see order of lists

Veterans and no eligible list

Promotional Examinations

All types of veterans have two points added to their overall score and they are not placed at the top of the list.

Open Competitive Exams

Civil service uses a system of absolute veteran's preference in which someone qualifying as a veteran who passes the open competitive exam is placed higher on the resulting eligible list except in respect to residency preference on Firefighter and Police Officer lists, see order of lists.

Veterans and Labor Service

There is no exam required for labor service positions but you must submit an application and the required documentation proving you are a veteran.

Veterans , whether disabled or not, are placed at the top of the specific labor service eligibility list for State Agencies and the City of Boston.

Spouses and single parents of veterans are placed below veteran but above all other applicants.

Definition of a Veteran

This link will take you to the Mass. Veteran's Services website for the Definition of a Veteran.

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