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Clean Peak Energy Standard FAQs

Get answers to the most asked questions about the Commonwealth's new Clean Energy Peak Standard.

Table of Contents

Program Co-Participation

Connected Solutions

DOER would like to clarify that Clean Peak Resources are eligible to participate in the Clean Peak Energy Standard while simultaneously participating in the Connected Solutions Massachusetts utility active demand response incentive program. The Mass Save Program Administrators have confirmed that “customers may co-participate in the Clean Peak Standard Program and Connected Solutions” in their program materials, linked here.  The Program Administrators have further clarified that “the customer’s Mass Save program administrator does not reserve any rights associated with clean peak energy certificates generated through participation in the Connected Solutions program.”


DOER would also like to clarify that while co-participation is permitted among the Clean Peak Energy Standard and Solar Massachusetts Renewable Energy Target (SMART) Program, the Solar Tariff Generation Unit (STGU) generated CPECs are owned by the EDC as they fall under the environmental attributes compensated through the SMART incentive payment. For reference, the definition for ‘environmental attribute’ is found under 225 CMR 20.02 and is as follows:

Environmental Attribute: All GIS Certificates and any other environmental benefits associated with the energy generation of a Solar Tariff Generation Unit.

This does not, however, apply to an energy storage system co-located with an STGU that enables a SMART energy storage adder. The energy storage-generated CPECs are owned by the facility owner, unless otherwise designated contractually. It should be noted that these CPECs are subject to the SMART ES Resource Multiplier per 225 CMR 21.05(6)(f).

Clean Peak Energy Certificate Generation Calculation

DOER has created a formula visualization to aid in the clarification of 225 CMR 21.05(5), the description of Clean Peak Energy Certificate Generation.

This resource can be found here.

Clean Peak Resource Metering and Reporting

Per 225 CMR 21.05(2), metering and reporting for the Clean Peak Energy Standard shall be conducted in accordance with requirements established by a third-party Program Administrator designated by DOER, in this case, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. They will be providing this service through an update to the Production Tracking System (PTS) and the development of the Clean Peak Tracking System (CPTS).

Meter Requirements for the Clean Peak Tracking System (CPTS)

Reporting Requirements for the Clean Peak Tracking System (CPTS)

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