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Clean Peak Energy Standard Notices and Updates

The Massachusetts Clean Peak Energy Standard is designed to provide incentives to clean energy technologies that can supply electricity or reduce demand during seasonal peak demand periods established by DOER.

In July 2020, DOER filed the final regulation establishing the first in the nation Clean Peak Energy Standard. This page provides updates on the on-going activities related to the implementation of that regulation.     

Table of Contents

Procurement of Clean Peak Energy Certificates

DOER intends to develop a Clean Peak Energy Certificate (CPEC) procurement mechanism in conjunction with the Electric Distribution Companies (EDCs) in order to meet the requirements set forth in 225 CMR 21.05(8) and pursuant to M.G.L. c. 25A, § 17(c).

DOER collaborated with the EDCs to develop a structure for the CPEC procurement.

  • Draft straw proposal procurement structure can be found here.
  • Summarized Questions and Answers on the Draft Straw Proposal can be found here
  • Stakeholder comments on the Draft Straw Proposal can be found here.  
  • Final Straw Proposal can be found here

Next Steps:

The EDCs will begin their regulatory approval process to establish a procurement mechanism aligned with the Final Straw Proposal

DOER asked for feedback on the initial proposed procurement structure. Summarized Q&A linked here (02/05/21)

Demand Response Working Group

DOER hosted weekly meetings of a Demand Response Working Group the first half of 2021.  The result of the working group was revisions to the Demand Response Resource Guideline to establish participation pathways for Electric Vehicle Chargers, Electric Water Heaters, Load Curtailment and Infrequent Demand Response, and Building Thermal Mass and Thermal Storage.  The Demand Response Working Group is no longer meeting, but may be re-established at a future date if additional technologies warrant consideration for a separate pathway to participation in the Clean Peak Energy Standard.

Clean Peak Energy Standard Guideline Revisions

The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) publishes guidelines to support the Clean Peak Energy Standard regulation and provide further clarification to stakeholders. Guidelines may occasionally be updated, at which point DOER seeks stakeholder feedback on the revisions.

On July 15, 2021 DOER published revisions to the Clean Peak Resource Eligibility Guideline as well as the Clean Peak Demand Response Resource Guideline.

Comments on the revised guidelines are due to the Department by August 10, 2021.  Please submit written comments to doer.cps@mass.gov 

Application Portal Update

The Clean Peak Application portal is now live. CPS applicants should first register at www.nepoolgis.com for a CPS ID then visit MassCEC PTS to register the resource in PTS and then complete the CPEC Statement of Qualification Application. All application questions should be directed to the Cadmus review team at 1-888-994-4718 or CPS.Help@CadmusGroup.com.