Congregate Housing & eligibility

Congregate Housing is a shared living arrangement that combines housing and services for older adults and people with disabilities.

Congregate Housing

Congregate Housing Coordinators:

  • Help residents access community resources
  • Manage issues that arise from shared living
  • Plan social activities

Coordinators work with the housing providers to ensure a stable environment and to foster a sense of community. Congregate Housing does not offer 24 hour care or supervision. At every site each resident must have their own bedroom. Residents may share kitchen, dining, and bathroom facilities.

There are currently 43 Congregate Housing sites in Massachusetts with the capacity to house 561 residents.


To be eligible for Congregate Housing you must be either:

  • “Elderly” as defined by the housing agency (either age 60 and older or 62 and older, depending on the type of housing)
  • Non-elderly and disabled (with a documented disability)

You must meet the financial eligibility guidelines for the housing and pass any screening criteria (e.g., criminal records, housing history, etc.) used by the housing agency to process applicants.

Finally, you must:

  • Be able to take part in a shared living environment
  • Be capable of independent living and not need 24-hour care to carry out activities of daily living
  • Be medically stable and oriented to person, place, and time
  • Not exhibit behaviors which would be a disturbance to other Congregate Housing residents.

If you're interested in Congregate Housing, view the list of Congregate Housing sites and contact the contractor.

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