Consent election agreement

The hearing officer will contact the parties to a petition to determine whether they will sign a consent to election agreement waiving a hearing and proceeding to an election.

Required in the agreement

A consent election agreement must include the following information:

  • the full and correct names of the parties involved
  • a complete and accurate description of the bargaining unit
  • agreement on the appropriateness of the petition (i.e., that the union is an employee organization, the employer is subject to the DLR's jurisdiction, and that the petition was filed at the proper time)
  • the date that employees must be on the payroll in order to be eligible to vote, which is generally the last day of the payroll period preceding the execution of the consent election agreement
  • an agreement that the employer will file an election eligibility list containing the names and addresses of all eligible voters no later than 7 days from the date the agreement is approved by the DLR

If the agreement does not include the time, date, and hours of the election, the DLR consults with the parties prior to the preparation of the notice of election in making these determinations.

The agreement is subject to the DLR's approval.  If the parties are unable to agree to a consent election agreement, the DLR conducts an investigatory hearing to enable the CERB to decide any questions raised by the petition.

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