Contracting with the Department of Youth Services

The Department provides many of its programs through contracts with community based organizations or other entities offering services to youth.

Contracting Procedure

The Purchase of Service unit is responsible for conducting procurements and managing the contract process for the Department's contracted programs. The Purchase of Services for DYS clients is spelled out through the Commonwealth's regulations governing procurement (801 CMR 21:00 ).

All services being bid are advertised through the Commonwealth's Procurement web site:  COMMBUYS Resource Center .

Vendors wishing to perform client related services to the Department must complete a pre-qualification process (detailed under Contracting with Health and Human Services ). This process helps to ensure the stability of providers serving the Commonwealth's clients. After initial approval, an annual re-qualification process exists to monitor the continued health and stability of the service providers.

The Department of Youth Services is authorized to contract for client services only with not-for profit vendors under its enabling legislation.

Contacts for DYS Purchase of Service activity:

POS Director -
phone: 617-960-3275

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