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As the Juvenile Justice agency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Department of Youth Services promotes positive change in the youth in our care and custody.

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The Massachusetts Department of Youth Services is a multi-faceted agency that serves youth committed as juvenile delinquents or youthful offenders and detained youth awaiting judicial action.

Our mission is to enhance community safety by improving the life outcomes for youth in our care and custody. We achieve our mission by investing in highly qualified staff and a service continuum that engages youth, families and communities in strategies that support positive youth development.

All DYS programs address the unique educational, psychological and health needs of youth in our care and custody across a continuum of supervision and services.

Dividing the state geographically into five regions, DYS operates (as of September 2018) 48 residential programs ranging in security levels and 22 district offices strategically located in each region to provide comprehensive supervision and support to DYS committed and detained youth. We strive to serve youth as close as possible to their home communities and families.


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COVID-19 Important Notices and Links:

COVID-19 Vaccinations for Congregate Care Settings

Important Notices:

Fully vaccinated staff guidance on exposure and return to work

Meals in residential Setting COVID-19 Updated September 15 2021

Activity Protocol COVID-19 for Residential Settings Updated July 1 2021

DYS New Intake Quarantine May 7 2021

DYS Close Contact Quarantine May 6 2021

Modifications to Visitation Guidance and Passes Protocols during COVID 19 Updated March 19, 2021

DYS COVID-19 Prevention Protocols Post-Vaccination Congregate Care Family Communication 2-26-21

DYS Managing COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects for Staff

DYS COVID-19 Vaccine Youth Guidance Jan 2021

14-10-7-day COVID-19 Quarantine Information

DYS Return to Work Guidance

MDPH Considerations for Recovered Table

Protocol for Medical Isolation of Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Cases in DYS Residential Programs

Re-opening Guidance for DYS Community Operations Staff

DYS Home Isolation Guidance October 7 2020

DYS PPE Guidance October 7 2020

DYS Covid-19 Guidance for Transportation

DYS Vehicle Sanitation Checklist

DYS COVID-19 Protocol for Quarantining New Intakes

DYS Screening Questionnaire for COVID-19 Revised 5-24-2021

Guide for DYS Screeners COVID-19 Revised 4-20-2021

DYS Protocol for Youth in Residential Settings Attending and Returning from Court Appearances during COVID-19 7-17-20

Sample Contact Flyer for Visiting Family Member

Visit Protocol for Family Members COVID-19

Visitor Information Sheet for Families During COVID-19

DYS Advisory Cessation of Routine Quarantine

DYS Protocol Covid-19 Exposure Risk Assessment

DYS COVID-19 Screening Protocol for DYS Facilities Updated 4-21-2021

DYS COVID-19 Protocol for Quarantining Close Contacts

DYS Interim Advisory Regarding Bail Processing

DYS Emergency Guidance Regarding Virtual Teaching via Video

DYS Emergency Guidance on Telemedicine

DYS Youth Wellness Check-in During COVID-19

DYS Guidance on Mask Use and Regarding Use

DYS Updated Residential and Congregate Care Guidance

DYS Quarantining Close Contacts of COVID-19

Quarantining DYS New Intakes

Emergency Guidance re Virtual Court Hearings

DYS Emergency Guidance regarding Virtual Family Visits

DYS COVID-19 Visitor Screening

Emergency Guidance regarding Attorney Access to Clients

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Interim Guidance


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