Department of Youth Services (DYS)

Department of Youth Services

As the Juvenile Justice agency for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Department of Youth Services promotes positive change in the youth in our care and custody.


600 Washington Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02111


Main Phone (617) 727-7575


Main (617) 951-2409
HR (617) 889-7818
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Who we serve

The Massachusetts Department of Youth Services is a multi-faceted agency that serves youth committed as juvenile delinquents or youthful offenders.

The Department employs a "continuum" model of services and supervision. All DYS programs address the educational, psychological and health needs of each youth in its custody.

DYS operates (as of July 2016) 50 residential programs, ranging from staff secure programs to hardware secure programs and 22 district offices that are strategically located across Massachusetts to provide the supervision and support to the DYS committed population who are living in their home communities.

DYS divides the state geographically into five regions.  Each region has its own continuum of services and supervision.  The goal is to serve youth as close to their home communities and families as possible.



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