COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Program

Massachusetts is offering organizations options to vaccinate individuals through pop-up or mobile on-site clinics.

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Search for vaccination appointments or search below table for a mobile vaccination clinic near you. If you cannot get to a vaccination location, you can schedule an in-home vaccination.

What can I expect at a mobile vaccination clinic

The state is offering mobile pop-up vaccination clinics that take place in a community-based setting like a community center, auditorium, or tent. They usually are set up short-term, for a day or evening for example, and may be offered on a regular schedule, like one day a week.

  • Mobile clinics are offered in addition to typical vaccination sites, like hospitals/medical provider offices, or pharmacy-based clinics.
  • Pop-up or mobile vaccination services are delivered by qualified clinical staff, including nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians.
  • Pop-up or mobile vaccination services include registration for vaccine appointments, sharing information about the vaccine, giving the vaccine, observation by clinical staff after getting the vaccine, and scheduling of follow-up appointments for second doses (if needed).

A vaccination provider will come to the organization's host-property to vaccinate individuals. Organizations are encouraged to survey individuals and confirm participation prior to requesting a clinic.

How do I host a mobile vaccination clinic

  Clinics will come to you via the Mobile Vaccination Program. 

The Commonwealth is pleased to offer Massachusetts organizations the option to easily vaccinate groups. Mobile vaccination services are available for:

Priority populations include people who are:

  • residing in rural areas 
  • members of State or federally recognized Tribes or Tribal Nations 
  • living with disabilities 
  • residing in municipalities with low rates of vaccination  
  • experiencing homelessness or housing instability 
  • other individuals and populations challenged to access vaccine in other settings 

If your organization is interested in mobile vaccination services, please use this form,, to submit a request.  You will need to provide: 

  • Requested date and time 
  • Address of clinic and contact person 
  • Number of individuals who have confirmed they will receive the vaccination 
  • Space for vaccination clinic (inside, outside) and any additional details 

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