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COVID-19 Mobile Vaccination Program

Massachusetts will offer organizations options to vaccinate individuals through mobile on-site clinics.

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The Commonwealth’s Mobile Vaccination Program

More than 255 million COVID vaccines have been delivered in the United States. Getting vaccinated will protect yourself and your loved ones. Getting vaccinated will save lives and protect your community. 

The Commonwealth is pleased to offer Massachusetts organizations the option to easily vaccinate groups. Mobile vaccination services are available for employers, schools, community organizations, priority populations, and other groups. 

If your organization is interested in mobile vaccination services, please use this form,, to submit a request.

Mobile on-site vaccination clinic

This program is actively seeking requests

Organizations may request a mobile, on-site, vaccination clinic. A vaccination provider will come to the organization's host-property to vaccinate individuals. If Moderna or Pfizer is administered, the vaccination provider will return 3-4 weeks later to deliver 2nd doses. Organizations are encouraged to survey individuals and confirm participation prior to requesting a clinic.

In order to schedule an on-site clinic, please provide:

  • Requested date and time
  • Address of clinic and contact person
  • Number of individuals who have confirmed they will receive the vaccination
  • Space for vaccination clinic (inside, outside) and any additional details