Crafting The Right Plans And Opportunities

Setting goals and objectives, then seeing them through to specific plans and opportunities is a huge part of what MCB does for and with their clients.

In this video, MCB clients and counselors talk about the extraordinary range of MCB's professional services that smooth the path to employment. These experiences and services can expand their opportunities far beyond the expected.

Speakers include (in order):
Mariesa Mills
(Teacher of Visually Impaired Students), Brittany Taylor (MCB Counselor), Brendan Foley (Teacher of Visually Impaired Students), Mayanne MacDonald-Briggs (MCB Counselor), Sara Regan (Parent of two MCB Clients), Joe Buizon (MCB Employment Services), Richard Curtis (Employer of MCB Clients), Jimmy Lopez (MCB Client), Brendan and Elana Regan (MCB Clients)

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