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Credible Messenger Program

The Credible Messenger program, developed by the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, is a transformative mentoring initiative to support justice-involved individuals with a successful return to community.

This unique mentoring opportunity helps individuals involved with the justice system and their families successfully navigate the transition back into the community upon release from a state correctional facility. The Credible Messenger initiative aims to help participants connect with support services and re-engage with the community.

The program connects returning citizens with mentors with shared lived experiences, known as “credible messengers.” The messengers coach individuals as they prepare to re-enter the community, facilitating access to community resources. The messengers have similar backgrounds to those involved in the criminal justice system and are uniquely positioned to credibly relate to program participants. Many of the trained mentors are formerly incarcerated individuals who have re-engaged with their communities.

The mentorship opportunity is voluntary and offered to individuals who are expected to be released within 90-120 days from Department of Correction facilities, including MCI-Framingham, MCI-Concord, MCI-Shirley and Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center. Mentors meet regularly with mentees to develop personal transition plans and provide mentoring pre-release and up to one-year post-release.

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Our Program's Approach and Goals

With a client-driven approach, the messengers engage participants in a non-judgmental manner to establish trusting relationships and facilitate a path forward based on an individual’s needs. The mentors assist with pre-release planning, helping returning citizens establish community supports, and working with their families to prepare for a loved one’s return.

The Credible Messenger program is based on the core belief that communities have the transformative resources available to uplift, stabilize, and re-engage returning citizens. The program’s holistic and restorative approach bridges the gaps between individuals and support systems available, leading to more effective life planning and a reduction in re-offending behaviors.

Enroll in the Program

To enroll in the Credible Messenger Program, eligible candidates must:

  1. Desire change and feel motivation to succeed in the community
  2. Be within 90-120 days of release
  3. Live at a facility currently served by the program (presently MCI-Framingham, MCI-Concord, MCI-Shirley or Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center)

Individuals who meet these criteria and want to participate in the program should mail a letter of interest to:

Credible Messengers Program
Boston Pre-Release

430 Canterbury Street
Roslindale, MA 02131

Alternatively, to speak with a member of the program staff, prospective participants may call 857-278-5410.

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