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Cristina Ann DiNitto

Aug 23, 1945 - Dec 20, 1963

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Cristina Ann DiNitto

My sister Cristina was murdered tragically December 20, 1963 by her jealous boyfriend as she was planning to leave him and move on in her life. She had just graduated high school and was working as a secretary at Tufts University, which was a short walk from where she lived in Somerville. Fifty-seven years have passed since our family buried her on Christmas Eve Day. My parents and aunts/uncles are all deceased now. But my cousins and I and some of her long-ago closest friends keep her dear and close in our hearts. We remember her for her sunny beautiful smile, her mischievousness, and having the desire to make a change in her life. I guess it was part of her maturing and growing up. She was a beautiful, sweet-hearted young woman, who sadly never had a chance to realize her potential or know her nephew and niece and all the other family members born later. All our lives were forever changed with her tragic death. I guess her legacy would be that she was loved so much that she is always with us: "For those we love can never be, more than a thought apart; as long as there's a memory, you'll live forever in our heart." Her murderer died in prison 2 years ago.


Posted August 2020