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Department of Industrial Accidents Office of Insurance

The DIA's Office of Insurance maintains a record of the workers' compensation insurer for every employer in the state.

Insurance office

These records, known as the insurance register, dates back to the 1930's and assists in the filing and investigation of claims. The injured worker may contact this office directly to obtain the insurance information of an employer.

Through legislative action, the Workers' Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau (WCRIBM) became the official repository of insurance policy coverage in 1991. The DIA was provided with computer access to this database, which includes policy information from 1986 to present. Information from 1987 and prior must be researched through the files at the DIA, now stored on microfilm.

Online insurance inquiry form

If you are looking for insurance coverage information for either an injury which happened more than 3 years ago, or for a current injury which can't be found using the Workers' Compensation Proof of Coverage and Verification Search, use this tool to e-mail an insurance inquiry form.

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