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DFS Staff List and Directory

A list of contact information for DFS staff

Help us provide the best possible customer service and promptly respond to your inquiry, please take a moment to find the right unit to help you in the list of quick links below.

Table of Contents

Quick Reference Numbers


Boiler & Pressure Vessel Licensing & Inspections
(Oil Burners, Firemen, Engineers) 
Department of Fire Services 978-567-3100
Division of Fire Safety - (Fire Prevention) 978-567-3375
Fire Code Questions 978-567-3375
Fire & Explosion Investigation Unit (Fire Investigators and Bomb Squad) 978-567-3310
Fire Data (Statistics, MFIRS) and Public Education
(Fire Safety Info, S.A.F.E. & Senior SAFE Grants)
Fiscal Affairs - (Paying Bills, Contracts) 978-567-3130
Hazardous Materials Response 978-567-3150
Licensing (Blasting, Fireworks, Fire Extinguishers &
Suppression Systems)
Massachusetts Firefighting Academy 978-567-3200
M-BIRS Immediate Telephone Notification
Burn Registry)
Public Records Requests 978-567-3183
Special Operations/ISU/Rehab 978-567-3171
Support Services (Crib Room) 978-567-3290
Activation of emergency services after normal business hours or weekends
Arson Hotline 800-682-9229
Code Compliance Unit & Boiler and Pressure Vessel Unit 508-820-2000
Fire & Explosion Investigation Section 508-820-2121
Hazardous Materials Response (24-Hours a Day) 877-385-0822
Incident Support Unit, Incident Rehab Unit and/or Incident Support Trailer 508-820-2000

Executive Office

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Jon M. Davine State Fire Marshal 978-567-3111
Maribel Fournier Deputy State Fire Marshal 978-567-3112
David Clemons Director of Operations 978-567-3179
Sheila Remondi Director of Administrative Services 978-567-3140
Jake Wark Public Information Officer 978-567-3189
John Mulloy Environmental Health & Safety Officer 978-567-3115
W. Scott Cluett ASHER Director 978-567-3122
Kerry Weihn Executive Office Administrator 978-567-3118
JoAnne Caruso Management Analyst 978-567-3116
Timothy Moore Fire Standard Compliant Cigarette Program Coordinator 978-567-3721
Justine Potter Office Support Specialist / CISM 978-567-3722
Julie Weinstein Graphic Artist 978-567-3186
Fire Standard Complaint Cigarette Program
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Timothy Moore Fire Standard Compliant Cigarette Program Coordinator 978-567-3721
Justine Potter Office Support Specialist / CISM 978-567-3722
Massachusetts Fire Service Commission
Name/Email Title Telephone #
JoAnne Caruso Administrative Support 978-567-3116
Legal Office
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Glenn Rooney General Counsel 978-567-3183
Rachel Perlman Deputy General Counsel 978-567-3182
MaryElizabeth Lynch-Lent Paralegal Specialist 978-567-3181
Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Glenn Rooney General Counsel 978-567-3183
MaryElizabeth Lynch-Lent Administrative Support 978-567-3181
Board of Fire Prevention Regulations
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Glenn Rooney General Counsel 978-567-3183
Mary Ann Smith Fire Code Administrator / Executive Director 978-567-3713
Christina Rodriguez Administrative Support 978-567-3302
Board of Boiler Rules
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Glenn Rooney General Counsel 978-567-3183
Holly Bartlett Administrative Support 978-567-3782


Fiscal Affairs
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Beth Hill Chief Financial Officer 978-567-3149
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Karen Benoit Accounting Supervisor 978-567-3137
Karen Fay Grants & Revenue Specialist 978-567-3134
Sheri Auclaire Accounts Payable Supervisor 978-567-3138
Mark Dickinson Budget Examiner 978-567-3135
Barbara Callanan Office Support Specialist 978-567-3133
Aliceson LeMar Accountant II 978-567-3148
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Julie Walrath Purchasing Supervisor 978-567-3131
Kacey Ruderman Purchasing Coordinator 978-567-3141
Mary Joslin Purchasing Coordinator 978-567-3136
VACANT Purchasing Coordinator 978-567-3142
VACANT Contract Specialist 978-567-3147

Human Resources

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Mary Travers Director 978-567-3145
Christine Sullivan Personnel Officer 978-567-3146
Michelle Capalbo Personnel Officer 978-567-3143

Capital Asset Management (Facilities)

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Fred Corazzini Director 978-567-3161
Michael Duprez Deputy Director 978-567-3164
Jeffrey Taylor Preventative Maintenance Manager 978-567-3168
VACANT Fleet Manager 978-567-3169
Meaghan Hencir Facilities Development Planning & Admin Coordinator 978-567-3163
VACANT Office Support Specialist 978-567-3162
Aubrie Lazar Office Support Specialist 978-567-3170
Zach Denny Receptionist 978-567-3100
Robert Horne Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 978-567-3292
Anthony Vincequere Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 978-567-3167
Joseph Dupre Warehouse/Inventory Supervisor 978-567-3766
VACANT HVAC Technician 978-567-3167
Thomas Waldsmith Facilities Maintenance Technician 978-567-3167
Support Services
Name/Email Title Telephone #
VACANT Support Coordinator 978-567-3289
Matt LaBossiere Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Timothy Farrar Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Mark Daly Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Erik Byam Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Craig Alden-Burns Storekeeper 978-567-3287

Hazardous Materials Response

Name/Email Title Telephone #
VACANT Director 978-567-3117
Timothy Gallagher Deputy Director 978-567-3151
Stephanie DeMarco Program Coordinator 978-567-3152
Jim Dennehy Computer Coordinator 978-567-3154
David Curran Equipment/Vehicle Coordinator 978-567-3154
Paul Zompetti Detection Equipment Coordinator 978-567-3756
Albert Thomas Administrative Assistant 978-567-3153
Linda Crowley Receptionist 978-567-3150
Hazardous Materials Mitigation Emergency Response Advisory Board
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Stephanie DeMarco Administrative Support 978-567-3152

Special Operations

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Paul Betti Deputy Director 978-567-3174
Dennis Nazzaro Program Coordinator 978-567-3171
Shawn Green Acting Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3173
Mike McLaughlin Planning Coordinator 978-567-3172

Massachusetts Firefighting Academy

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Jeffrey Winn Director 978-567-3114
Dennis A. Ball Deputy Director of Training 978-567-3218
Joanne Gardiner Deputy Director of Administration 978-567-3226
Christine Dansereau Administrative Assistant to Academy Director 978-567-3227
Helgi Olgeirsson Registration Coordinator 978-567-3125
Heather Antell Registration Assistant 978-567-3201
VACANT Registration Assistant 978-567-3227
Kerry Marcotte Registration Assistant 978-567-3230
Susan Mondi Sykes Registration Assistant 978-567-3251
VACANT Registration Assistant 978-567-3213
VACANT Recruit Programs Coordinator 978-567-3218
Abby Baker Instructor Support & Impact Coordinator 978-567-3205
Megan Kasaras Payroll Assistant 978-567-3203
VACANT Special Hazards Branch Training Coordinator 978-567-3225
Alanna Malatos Fire Officer & Professional Development Coordinator 978-567-3210
Sara Pragluski Walsh Instructional Design & Development Coordinator 978-567-3212
Christina Mitchell Curriculum Development Coordinator 978-567-3204
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Kevin Robinson Certification Coordinator 978-567-3223
Julie Kilbride Certification Administrative Assistant 978-567-3228
Frank Schutt Certification Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3223
Charles Lambert Certification Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3223
Brian Duggan Certification Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3223
 Staff Services
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Richard Cerullo Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Ronald Downing Assistant Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Michael Wainwright Assistant Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Sean White Assistant Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Training Programs
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Chris Norris Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training Programs Coordinator 978-567-3252
Bruce Antone Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3252
Mike Dupuis Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3252
Kevin Gallagher Chief Fire Officer Program Coordinator 978-567-3231
Jonathan Tiplady Education Methodology (Fire Instructor Coordinator) 978-567-3208
Gene Os Education Methodology Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3208
Bryan O'Neil EMS Program Coordinator 978-567-3258
Rich Craven Multi-Agency Public Safety Program Coordinator (ASHER/Fire Inv.) 978-567-3259
James Klich Fire Officer Programs Coordinator 978-567-3257
Dean Babineau Fire Officer Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3257
Rob Rogowski Fire Officer Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3257
Michael Feinberg Fire Prevention Program Coordinator 978-567-3217
Jason Messenger Firefighter Skills Live-Fire Programs Coordinator 978-567-3259
VACANT Firefighter Skills Live-Fire Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3259
Albert Beardsley Advanced Firefighter Skills Programs Coordinator 978-567-3216
Bill Barry Advanced Firefighter Skills Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3216
Norm Seymour Gas Programs Coordinator 978-567-3211
Jack Boland Gas Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3209
Andy Carrigan Gas Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3211
Mike Barry Hazardous Materials Programs Coordinator 978-567-3250
Stephen Gaughan Hazardous Materials Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3250
Roland Larochelle Hazardous Materials Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3250
John Spillane Impact Programs Coordinator 978-567-3257
Peter Burke Mass Maritime Program Coordinator  
Thomas Impey Public Education Program Coordinator 978-567-3217
Brad Kwatcher Rapid Intervention & Survival Skills Programs Coordinator 978-567-3206
Pat Smith Rapid Intervention & Survival Skills Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3206
Mark Cogswell Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 413-214-6203
Bob Escott Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 413-214-6203
Robert Foley Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
John Gelinas Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
James Hagerty Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 508-659-1025
Peter Jerusik Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 413-214-6203
Brian Whitney Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
Michael Moriarty Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 508-659-1023
David Ryan Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
Mark McCabe Technical Rescue Programs Coordinator 978-567-3214
Thomas Rinoldo Technical Rescue Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3214
Michael Caddell Technical Rescue Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3214

Division of Fire Safety

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Brian J. Ingram Director 978-567-3301
Christina Rodriguez Program Coordinator 978-567-3302
VACANT Chief Fire Protection Engineer 978-567-3372
Kristen McDonough Fire Protection Engineer 978-567-3376
VACANT Fire Protection Engineer 978-567-3377
Fire Data and Public Education
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Sheryl Hedlund Pubic Education Coordinator 978-567-3381
Derryl Dion Research Analyst 978-567-3382
Julie Bergeron Office Support Specialist 978-567-3384
Dave DeMarco S.A.F.E. Coordinator 978-567-3388
Technical Services
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Mary Ann Smith Fire Code Administrator 978-567-3713
Christine Chagnon Licensing Administrative Assistant 978-567-3700
Matthew Murray Code Compliance & Enforcement Supervisor 978-567-3371
Jordan Greene-Williams Code Compliance & Enforcement Officer 978-567-3373
John Araujo Code Compliance & Enforcement Officer 978-567-3712
Matthew Picardi Code Compliance & Enforcement Officer 978-567-3714
David Beaudin Administrative Compliance Officer 978-567-3375
Thomas Ferraro Administrative Compliance Officer 978-567-3375
Patrick Ripley Administrative Compliance Officer 978-567-3375
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Program
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Edward Kawa Chief of Engineering Inspections 978-567-3781
Holly Bartlett Assistant to Chief of Engineering Inspections 978-567-3782
Maria Pereira Boiler and Pressure Vessel License Exam Coordinator 978-567-3783
Diane Rearick Office Support Specialist 978-567-3785
Jeffrey Ortiz Office Support Specialist 978-567-3784
Daniel Laperle Supervisor District Engineering 857-303-5177
Allen Boston District Engineering Inspector 617-835-5365
Andrew Crear District Engineering Inspector 774-737-6857
Jeffrey Isabelle District Engineering Inspector 857-303-5178
Patrick Kane District Engineering Inspector 617-894-3021
Gregory Folsom District Engineering Inspector 774-573-5009
John Lawrence District Engineering Inspector 857-207-0573
John Russo District Engineering Inspector 978-627-6565
Robert Schultz District Engineering Inspector 857-202-7339
Jerry Soltan  District Engineering Inspector 774-804-1524
Robert Vasconcelos District Engineering Inspector 978-627-6539

Springfield Campus

Name/Email Title Telephone #
John Wood III Compliance Officer 413-214-6206
Vicky Giguere Office Support Specialist 413-214-6200
Daniel Radowicz Facilities Maintenance Manager 413-214-6201
Bill Brown Support Branch Coordinator 413-214-6208

Bridgewater Campus

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Daniel Quinn Facilities Maintenance Manager 508-659-1002
Mark Chetwynd Support Branch Coordinator 508-659-1031
Brian Miller Facilities Maintenance Technician 508-659-1003
Lisa Rose Office Support Specialist 508-659-1001

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