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DFS Staff List and Directory

A list of contact information for DFS staff

Due to the pandemic, most DFS staff are working remotely and checking their voicemails and emails regularly. Help us provide the best possible customer service and promptly respond to your inquiry, please take a moment to find the right unit to help you in the list of quick links below.

Table of Contents

Quick Reference Numbers


Boiler & Pressure Vessel Licenses
& Inspections (Oil Burners, Firemen,Engineers) 
Department of Fire Services 978-567-3100
Division of Fire Safety - (Fire Prevention) 978-567-3375
Fire Code and Law Questions 978-567-3375
Fire & Explosion Investigation Unit (Fire Investigators and Bomb Squad) 978-567-3310
Fire Data (Statistics, MFIRS) and Public Education
(Fire Safety Info, S.A.F.E . & Senior SAFE Grants)
Fiscal Affairs - (Paying Bills, Contracts) 978-567-3130
Hazardous Materials Response 978-567-3150
Licensing (Blasting, Fireworks, Fire Extinguishers &
Suppression Systems)
(Oil Burners, Engineers)
Massachusetts Firefighting Academy 978-567-3200
M-BIRS Immediate Telephone Notification
Burn Registry)
Public Records Requests 978-567-3183
Special Operations/ISU/Rehab 978-567-3171
Support Services (Crib Room) 978-567-3290
Activation of emergency services after normal business hours or weekends
Arson Hotline 800-682-9229
Code Compliance Unit & Boiler and Pressure Vessel Unit 508-820-2000
Fire & Explosion Investigation Section 508-820-2121
Hazardous Materials Response (24-Hours a Day) 877-385-0822
Incident Support Unit, Incident Rehab Unit and/or Incident Support Trailer 508-820-2000

Executive Office

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Peter Ostroskey State Fire Marshal 978-567-3111
Maribel Fournier Deputy State Fire Marshal 978-567-3112
David Clemons Director of Operations 978-567-3179
Sheila Remondi Director of Administrative Services 978-567-3140
Jake Wark Public Information Officer 978-567-3189
John Mulloy Environmental Health & Safety Officer 978-567-3115
Kerry Weihn Executive Office Administrator 978-567-3118
JoAnne Caruso Management Analyst 978-567-3116
Timothy Moore Fire Standard Compliant Cigarette Program Coordinator 978-567-3721
Justine Potter Office Support Specialist / CISM 978-567-3722
Christina Mitchell Media Specialist Coordinator 978-567-3204
Julie Weinstein Graphic Artist 978-567-3186
Fire Standard Complaint Cigarette Program
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Timothy Moore Fire Standard Compliant Cigarette Program Coordinator 978-567-3721
Justine Potter Office Support Specialist / CISM 978-567-3722
Massachusetts Fire Service Commission
Name/Email Title Telephone #
JoAnne Caruso Administrative Support 978-567-3116
Legal Office
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Steven Rourke General Counsel 978-567-3182
Glenn Rooney Deputy General Counsel 978-567-3183
Paralegal Specialist Paralegal Specialist 978-567-3181
Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Glenn Rooney Deputy General Counsel 978-567-3183
Paralegal Specialist Administrative Support 978-567-3181
Board of Fire Prevention Regulations
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Glenn Rooney Deputy General Counsel 978-567-3183
Mary Ann Smith Fire Code Administrator / Executive Director 978-567-3713
Christina Rodriguez Administrative Support 978-567-3302
Board of Boiler Rules
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Glenn Rooney Deputy General Counsel 978-567-3183
Holly Bartlett Administrative Support 978-567-3782


Fiscal Affairs
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Beth Hill Chief Financial Officer 978-567-3149
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Karen Benoit Accounting Supervisor 978-567-3137
Karen Fay Grants & Revenue Specialist 978-567-3134
Sheri Auclaire Accounts Payable Supervisor 978-567-3138
Mark Dickinson Budget Examiner 978-567-3135
Barbara Callanan Office Support Specialist 978-567-3133
Aliceson LeMar Accountant II 978-567-3148
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Julie Walrath Purchasing Supervisor 978-567-3131
Kacey Ruderman Purchasing Coordinator 978-567-3141
Mary Joslin Purchasing Coordinator 978-567-3136
Nancy FitzGerald Purchasing Coordinator 978-567-3142
VACANT Contract Specialist 978-567-3147

Human Resources

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Mary Travers Director 978-567-3145
Christine Sullivan Personnel Officer 978-567-3146
VACANT Personnel Officer 978-567-3143

Capital Asset Management (Facilities)

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Fred Corazzini Director 978-567-3164
Peter Shipman Deputy Director 978-567-3811 / 3139
Kevin McCarthy Preventative Maintenance Manager 978-567-3168
Swen Larson Fleet Manager 978-567-3169
Mary Kittredge Facilities Development Planning & Admin Coordinator 978-567-3163
Meaghan Hencir Administrative Services Coordinator 978-567-3162
Aubrie Lazar Office Support Specialist 978-567-3160
Zach Denny Receptionist 978-567-3100
Robert Horne Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor 978-567-3292
Anthony Vincequere Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 978-567-3167
Joseph Dupre Warehouse/Inventory Supervisor 978-567-3766
Jeffrey Taylor HVAC Technician 978-567-3167
Support Services
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Michele Hebert Support Coordinator 978-567-3290
Matt LaBossiere Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Timothy Farrar Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Mark Daly Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Brian Harrington Assistant Support Coordinator 978-567-3286
Craig Alden-Burns Storekeeper 978-567-3290

Hazardous Materials Response

Name/Email Title Telephone #
David DiGregorio Director 978-567-3117
Timothy Gallagher Deputy Director 978-567-3151
Korina Senior Program Coordinator 978-567-3152
Jim Dennehy Computer Coordinator 978-567-3751
David Curran Equipment/Vehicle Coordinator 978-567-3154
Paul Zompetti Detection Equipment Coordinator 978-567-3756
Albert Thomas Administrative Assistant 978-567-3153
Linda Crowley Receptionist 978-567-3150
Hazardous Materials Mitigation Emergency Response Advisory Board
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Korina Senior Administrative Support 978-567-3152

Special Operations

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Tim Howe Administrator 978-567-3171
Mike McLaughlin Planning Coordinator 978-567-3171

Massachusetts Firefighting Academy

Name/Email Title Telephone #
VACANT Director 978-567-3114
Joseph Klucznik Deputy Director 978-567-3220
Susan Neaz Administrative Assistant to Academy Director 978-567-3224
Loretta Anderson Registration Coordinator 978-567-3226
Heather Antell Registration Assistant 978-567-3201
Christine Dansereau Registration Assistant 978-567-3227
Susan Mondi Sykes Registration Assistant 978-567-3251
Samantha Turco Registration Assistant 978-567-3213
Dennis A. Ball Recruit Programs Coordinator 978-567-3218
Abby Baker Instructor Support & Impact Coordinator 978-567-3205
Megan Kasaras Payroll Assistant 978-567-3203
Paul Betti Special Hazards Branch Training Coordinator 978-567-3225
Alanna Malatos Fire Officer & Professional Development Coordinator 978-567-3210
Sara Pragluski Walsh Instructional Design & Development Coordinator 978-567-3212
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Kevin Robinson Certification Coordinator 978-567-3223
Julie Kilbride Certification Administrative Assistant 978-567-3228
Frank Schutt Certification Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3223
VACANT Certification Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3223
Brian Duggan Certification Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3223
 Staff Services
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Richard Cerullo Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Ronald Downing Assistant Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Michael Wainwright Assistant Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Sean White Assistant Staff Services Coordinator 978-567-3221
Training Programs
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Chris Norris Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training Programs Coordinator 978-567-3252
Bruce Antone Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3252
Mike Dupuis Call/Volunteer Firefighter Training Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3252
Brian Beaulieu Education Methodology (Fire Instructor Coordinator) 978-567-3217
Bryan O'Neil EMS Program Coordinator 978-567-3254
James Klich Fire Officer Programs Coordinator 978-567-3257
Jason Messenger Firefighter Skills Live-Fire Programs Coordinator 978-567-3216
Albert Beardsley Firefighter Skills Non-Fire Programs Coordinator 978-567-3216
Norm Seymour Gas Programs Coordinator 978-567-3211
Jack Boland Gas Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3209
Andy Carrigan Gas Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3211
Paul Nault Hazardous Materials Programs Coordinator 978-567-3250
Mike Barry Hazardous Materials Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3250
Roland Larochelle Hazardous Materials Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3250
John Spillane Impact Programs Coordinator 978-567-3257
Bob Escott Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3821
Mark Cogswell Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3823
Robert Foley Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
John Gelinas Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
James Hagerty Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
Brian Whitney Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
VACANT Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
Christopher Rizza Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3219
  Recruit Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3821
Jack Beckwith Rapid Intervention & Survival Skills Programs Coordinator 978-567-3206
Mark McCabe Technical Rescue Programs Coordinator 978-567-3214
Thomas Rinoldo Technical Rescue Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3214
Bill Vecchio Technical Rescue Programs Assistant Coordinator 978-567-3214

Division of Fire Safety

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Paul Vigneau Director 978-567-3301
Christina Rodriguez Program Coordinator 978-567-3302
Jennifer Hoyt Chief Fire Protection Engineer 978-567-3372
Kristen McDonough Fire Protection Engineer 978-567-3376
Jacob Nunnemacher Fire Protection Engineer 978-567-3377
Fire Data and Public Education
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Matthew Brennan Pubic Education Coordinator 978-567-3381
Derryl Dion Research Analyst 978-567-3382
Julie Bergeron Office Support Specialist 978-567-3384
Dave DeMarco S.A.F.E. Coordinator 978-567-3388
Technical Services
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Mary Ann Smith Fire Code Administrator 978-567-3713
Christine Chagnon Licensing Administrative Assistant 978-567-3700
Matthew Murray Code Compliance & Enforcement Supervisor 978-567-3371
Jordan Greene-Williams Code Compliance & Enforcement Officer 978-567-3373
John Araujo Code Compliance & Enforcement Officer 978-567-3712
Matthew Picardi Code Compliance & Enforcement Officer 978-567-3714
Lawrence Hodgdon Administrative Compliance Officer 978-567-3375
Richard Maimone Administrative Compliance Officer 978-567-3375
Patrick Ripley Administrative Compliance Officer 978-567-3375
Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety Program
Name/Email Title Telephone #
Edward Kawa Chief of Engineering Inspections 978-567-3781
Holly Bartlett Assistant to Chief of Engineering Inspections 978-567-3782
Maria Pereira Boiler and Pressure Vessel License Exam Coordinator 978-567-3783
Diane Rearick Office Support Specialist 978-567-3785
Jeffrey Ortiz Office Support Specialist 978-567-3784
Daniel Laperle Supervisor District Engineering 857-303-5177
Allen Boston District Engineering Inspector 617-835-5365
David Gosselin District Engineering Inspector 617-875-7026
Jeffrey Isabelle District Engineering Inspector 857-303-5178
Patrick Kane District Engineering Inspector 617-894-3021
VACANT District Engineering Inspector 978-567-3782
John Lawrence District Engineering Inspector 857-207-0573
John Russo District Engineering Inspector 978-627-6565
Robert Schultz District Engineering Inspector 857-202-7339
Jerry Soltan  District Engineering Inspector 774-804-1524
Robert Vasconcelos District Engineering Inspector 978-627-6539

Springfield Campus

Name/Email Title Telephone #
John Wood III Compliance Officer 978-567-3824
Vicky Giguere Office Support Specialist 978-567-3813
Daniel Radowicz Facilities Maintenance Manager 978-567-3811
Bill Brown Support Branch Coordinator 978-567-3826 / 3160

Bridgewater Campus

Name/Email Title Telephone #
Daniel Quinn Facilities Maintenance Manager 978-567-3100
Mark Chetwynd Support Branch Coordinator 978-567-3100
Lisa Plante Office Support Specialist 508-659-1001