Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

If you have prediabetes, a Diabetes Prevention Program can help.

About DPP

If you are at risk for type 2 diabetes or have prediabetes, you can take steps to reverse it. The Diabetes Prevention Program is a national program that is available here in Massachusetts at local organizations or health care centers! This year-long group program can help you make lifestyle changes to lower your weight and reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes.

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What are the benefits of a Diabetes Prevention Program?

The program is led by a trained Lifestyle Coach who will help you learn healthy habits and motivate you to make changes that are long-term! In groups of 8-15 people, throughout the program you’ll learn...

  • Ways to improve your diet – and stick to it!
  • How to add more  physical activity into your day
  • How to manage stress
  • Tips for making healthy choices
  • Group support for making changes!

“The Diabetes Prevention Program has provided me with the tools that I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Through the support of group members and our group leader I have been able to make better food choices, reduce my weight and increase my activities. I feel  motivated and ready to continue my journey.  I have been able to reach my weight loss goal. As a result of my weight loss I feel healthier, have been able to buy new clothes and I feel better about myself. The weekly lessons have helped me to incorporate the tools into my daily routine and I feel great. I would recommend this program to anyone who would like to learn more about diabetes and make better choices for healthier living.”

Patrice – New Bedford, MA

“During the program I learned a great deal about diet and exercise. I learned to track caloric and fat intake and bring it down to a level that helped me lose weight. I got great advice, real support, and other peers advice and suggestions. We talked about real issues that blocked our success, and came up with solutions. My coach was attentive and informed. Thanks for creating this program which helped me, a busy mom, lose weight and learn that exercise is important part of a healthy lifestyle.”

Amanda – Dartmouth, MA

Watch the video below on how DPP has made a difference in people’s lives.

Can I join a DPP?

To participate, individuals must meet be:

  • 18 years or older
  • Overweight or obese (BMI ≥ 25, or ≥ 23 if Asian)

In addition individuals must meet one of the three following criteria:

  • Have been diagnosed with prediabetes (Fasting Blood Glucose 100-124 mg/dL, Hemoglobin A1C 5.7-6.4%, Oral Glucose Tolerance Test 140-199 mg/dL)
  • Previously diagnosed with gestational diabetes
  • Established risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes (use ADA Risk Test) if blood test not available

Does the Diabetes Prevention Program work?

The program is based on a randomized-control trial that showed that changes in lifestyle reduced type 2 diabetes risk among participants by 58% (70% for those over the age of 60). The two lifestyle changes that were studied were:

  • Losing 7% of bodyweight (about 15 lbs. if you weigh 200 lbs.)
  • Exercising at least 150 minutes a week (about 30 minutes, five days a week)

People who completed the program lost weight and saw other positive health changes. Many other studies found that programs like DPP can help people meet their long-term goals.

Is there a fee?

The cost is determined by the specific program and location. Contact the program coordinator for more information.

Where can I find a DPP?

There are DPPs throughout Massachusetts. Find out if there is a program site near you: DPPs in Massachusetts.

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