Disciplinary action taken by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing

Review current data on disciplinary actions that affect licenses to practice nursing, advance practice registered nursing (APRN) authorization, and renewals.

Learn about the purpose of investigations, complaints, and disciplinary actions the Board can take. You can review any resulting disciplinary actions on complaints taken by the Board, and how those disciplinary actions affect the ability to engage in the practice of nursing in Massachusetts, or the right to renew such licenses. This data is updated every month.

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Definitions of disciplinary actions

What are disciplinary actions?

Disciplinary actions are part of the public record. The Board can report disciplinary actions to other agencies that oversee nursing licenses. According to the Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 112, Section 77, the Board must report disciplinary actions to national data reporting systems.

Disciplinary actions can affect

  • any license to practice nursing in Massachusetts,
  • advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) authorizations,
  • renewals of licenses or APRN authorizations, or both.


Download 244 CMR 7.00: Action on Complaints (PDF) | (DOC)  for definitions of

  • investigations
  • complaints
  • grounds for Board action
  • summary suspension
  • Board actions on complaints
  • and other related provisions.

Download 244 CMR 10.00 Definitions and Severability (PDF) | (DOC). to review disciplinary actions taken by the Board.

Download updated records of disciplinary actions

Download reports on disciplinary actions, updated every month since January 1, 2006.

The report lists a nurse's name as well as their license number. Because last names may change over time, use the nurse's Massachusetts nursing license number to verify if the Board has taken any disciplinary action.

Disciplinary action taken by other state Boards of Nursing

To view disciplinary action taken by Boards of Nursing outside of Massachusetts, use Nursys Licensure Quickconfirm. QuickConfirm License Verification is a free service to look up and verify nurse licensure information.

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