High Schools

To find a school near you, click the link below by selecting the organization type (public school, alternative education, special education, etc.) and then hit search. You can also narrow your search by selecting an organization type and also selecting your city/town, or one close to you. http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/

Chapter 766

Chapter 766 is the Massachusetts law which guarantees the rights of all young people with special needs (age 3-22) to an educational program best suited to their needs. Team evaluations and Annual Reviews are conducted to develop an ongoing individual education plan (IEP) that ensures an appropriate education. To find out more about IEP’s, visit The Federation for Children with Special Needs at: https://fcsn.org/parents-guide

Chapter 688

For young persons with severe disabilities still in need of services, Chapter 688 serves as a bridge from educational services into the adult human services program. The law provides for a two year transitional process for those young adults who will lose their entitlement to special education upon graduation or reaching the age of 22. It creates a single point of entry into the adult human services system by developing an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) for every person with a severe disability who is found eligible. For more information about Chapter 688, visit the above website or contact whoever is in charge of your IEP at school. http://www.doe.mass.edu/sped/iep/688/

HiSET Testing

The High School Equivalency Testing Program (formerly the GED®) in Massachusetts is overseen by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's High School Equivalency (HSE) Office. Official test centers operate state-wide to serve the needs of the adult population in need of a high school credential. Test centers are located throughout the state. They are responsible for administering the tests in their area.To find centers go to http://www.doe.mass.edu/hse/

SAT Testing


  • To register for an upcoming test, visit the “Register” section along the top of the homepage. Visit the “Students with Disabilities” section to find out information about receiving testing accommodations.
  • To find out more about the SAT, please visit the above link. To practice and prepare for the SAT, visit the “Practice” section.
  • To sign up for a College Board account go to “My Organizer” along the left hand side of the homepage, and then click “Sign Up.”

Public Universities and Colleges

To find a list of public colleges in Massachusetts, click on the link below. You will find a list of community, state, and online colleges, as well as the University of Massachusetts. http://www.mass.edu/system/campusdirectory.asp

Bridgewater State University: Academic Support for College and Life (ASCL)

  • Academic Support for College and Life at Bridgewater State University Burnell Hall, Room 115A - 66 Hooper Street Bridgewater, MA 02135 www.thehome.org/ascl
  • ASCL is a research-based, outcomes-oriented program. They offer youth (over the age of 18 years) clinical, social, academic, vocational, and daily living supports. ASCL students reside on the Bridgewater State University campus throughout the year-long program.
  • For more information contact: Carl Morton, ASCL Program Director cmorton@thehome.org Office phone: 508-531-1483

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