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Does my project require MEPA Review?

MEPA review is required if there is jurisdiction over the project AND the project meets or exceeds a MEPA review threshold (outlined at 301 CMR 11.03).

What types of projects fall under MEPA jurisdiction?

A project is under MEPA jurisdiction if it is undertaken by a state agency, requires a permit from a State Agency, or it involves Financial Assistance or a Land Transfer by a State Agency.

Where can I find the MEPA review thresholds?

The MEPA regulations establish review thresholds for projects that are of a nature, size, or location likely to cause damage to the environment (directly or indirectly) as identified in the MEPA environmental review thresholds. Review thresholds apply if there is an agency action covering the topic governed by the review threshold. Details on the MEPA review thresholds can be found in section 11.03 of the MEPA Regulations.

Have a question about whether you need to file with MEPA?

For questions regarding the applicability of MEPA review or how to file with MEPA, you can contact our office at mepa@mass.gov.

If you are still uncertain whether your project requires a MEPA filing, you may request an Advisory Opinion in writing pursuant to 301 CMR 11.01(6). You may e-mail a request to mepa@mass.gov.

All written communications and review documents should be addressed to:

Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)
Attn: MEPA Office
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston MA 02114

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