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DPU Environmental Justice Strategy

The DPU’s Environmental Justice Strategy establishes principles to promote environmental justice across all of DPU’s proceedings. DPU’s EJ Strategy outlines a number of new DPU environmental justice-related initiatives and commitments:

Table of Contents

EJ Strategy

  • Establish a new policy on enhanced notice procedures to increase awareness of and public participation in DPU proceedings. 
  • Include more plain language in its legal notices.
  • Set standards for plain language summaries of petitioner filings with the DPU.
  • Require investor-owned utility companies to provide bill impact analyses on Environmental Justice populations in base distribution rate proceedings and track and report on environmental justice-related performance metrics.
  • Develop a webpage with helpful information for Environmental Justice populations,
  • Establish an internal Environmental Justice team to regularly review and update our environmental justice-related practices and summarize public comments in Department Orders.
  • Appoint a new Public Access Coordinator as an Environmental Justice point of contact.
  • Provide more educational materials for the public on our website.
  • Promote staff training on language access and environmental justice matters

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