Department of Public Utilities (DPU)

Department of Public Utilities

DPU oversees investor-owned electric power, natural gas, and water companies in Massachusetts. In addition, DPU regulates the safety of bus companies, moving companies, and transportation network companies. We also oversee the safety of natural gas pipelines.


Department of Public Utilities, 1 South Station, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02110



(617) 345-9101
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Who we serve

The DPU serves:

  • Gas, electric and water customers by monitoring service quality and setting rates
  • The public by overseeing gas pipeline safety
  • Customers of bus, moving, and transportation companies in regulating safety
  • Passengers of the MBTA by overseeing equipment and operation safety

Recent news & announcements


Interim Guidelines for Competitive Supply Investigations and Proceedings 

7/06/2017 Department of Public Utilities

D.P.U. 16-156 Investigation by the Department of Public Utilities on its own Motion to Establish Interim Guidelines for Competitive Supply Investigations and Proceedings

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