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Driving in Massachusetts on a Foreign Driver’s License

Foreign licensed drivers from any country, that meet certain requirements, may operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts.


Under MGL, Chapter 90, Section 10 , all foreign licensed drivers are subject to the following requirements when operating a vehicle in Massachusetts:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Must be in possession of a valid driver’s license when operating a motor vehicle in Massachusetts.
  • May operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts of the same type in which licensed to operate in any other state or country.
  • If the foreign license is not in English or does not have an English translation, must have one of the following:
  • Must not be suspended or revoked.

For more information on International Driving Permits (IDP) and how to obtain one, visit https://www.aaa.com/vacation/idpf.html



Appendix A of Driver's Manual

'Appendix A' of the February 2018 version of the Massachusetts Driver’s Manual is no longer applicable. 

Avoid International License Scams

Individuals or organizations use the Internet to sell documents as 'International Driver Licenses' and 'International Driving Permits' that imply driving privileges. The Registrar does not recognize a document labeled as an 'International Driver License', 'International Driving Permit' or any other document that allegedly confers driving privileges.

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