E2C Hub Student and Family Voice Committee

The E2C Hub seeks to engage students, families, and community members in the work we do. Through the Student and Family Voice Committee (SFVC), we aim to gather diverse perspectives that will help shape education data and research initiatives in Massachusetts.

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What is the Student and Family Voice Committee?

Have you ever wondered how students from your area do after high school graduation? Or wanted insights into how learning outcomes in key subjects like reading and math have progressed in recent years? This is your chance to have a voice in deciding what public data the state shares about early education and care and public schools in Massachusetts, and how to make that data as useful as possible to students and family members. The Education-to-Career Research and Data Hub (E2C Hub) is a new state initiative to make data about early education and care, schools, colleges, and careers easier to find and understand for everyone, including parents and students like you. The E2C Hub website includes links to important datasets, access to download data, and data stories that explain the story behind the trends

A group of leaders from education agencies work together to collectively set priorities to address internal and external needs. To ensure the perspectives of students and families inform this work, the E2C Hub has established the Student and Family Voice Committee (SFVC).  

This committee made up of students, parents, and community organizers will help us understand what information matters most to students and families. This will ensure we produce tools and resources that meet your community's needs. Membership in the SFVC is open to public high school students, college students, parents/guardians, and community organizers interested in advancing equitable student outcomes. Members will provide input on E2C Hub projects and help identify the needs and priorities of their communities. 

Purpose and goals

  • Provide input on data tools, research, and resources to ensure they meet the needs of students, families, and other key stakeholders. 

  • Identify data/research needs and collaborate on resources to support students and families. 

  • Offer feedback on future E2C Hub projects and investments. 

  • Ensure that student and family voices shape the work of the E2C Hub. 

  • Build an understanding of how data can empower families. 

SFVC areas of focus

The SFVC will offer their perspectives on some of the following E2C Hub areas of focus:

  • Data tools and visualizations: Provide feedback on the design, usability, and accessibility of data tools and visualizations created by the E2C Hub. Suggest additional functionalities or visualizations to meet student and family needs. 

  • Data literacy resources and training: Recommend topics for data literacy resources and training for students, families, and community organizers. Pilot test these resources and provide feedback. 

  • Research and Data: Offer input on research topics and findings that would be most meaningful to students, families, and communities. Review draft research briefs and data stories to ensure they are engaging and understandable for a non-technical audience. 

  • Website design and user experience: Advise on website navigation, layout, and content to optimize it for student and family users. Conduct user testing of the website and make suggestions for improvement. 

Meetings and membership

Meetings will be held three times per year via Zoom, from 6pm-7:30pm on the following dates:  

  • Wednesday, February 7th, 2024 

  • Wednesday, June 26th, 2024 

  • Wednesday, November 20th, 2024 

What will SFVC membership require? 

  • Members will commit to a one-year renewable term.

  • Members will attend virtual meetings three times per year.  

  • Membership is voluntary and paid stipends of $225 or more will be provided in appreciation for the time they contribute. 

  • Additional sub-committee meetings or focus groups may be scheduled as needed and members are encouraged to join when they can.  

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Date published: December 13, 2023
Last updated: December 21, 2023

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