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Edmund Andrade

Dec 22, 1987 - Apr 20, 2011

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Edmund Andrade Jr.; the youngest of four siblings was 23 when he was killed. He was more than a little brother; He was our baby, and a best friend. Also known as Duce, Duce had a good heart and was loved by all who knew him. His smile would brighten any room. Duce had a passion for music. Music was his life, and in every breathe he took, Music was in every beat for which his heart pulsated, Music was in every sound he heard, in every word he spoke, Music was the Essence of his love. Music was his best friend, whom he always adored.

He valued everything in life, always showed love and gratitude and never expected anything in return. He always had a smile on his face no matter what; he was such a good person, easy to get along with and friendly with everyone. He is missed by so many. I would give my life to have one more moment with him or to say “I love you”.

In this world that we live in, this day and age, being a good person is a very hard thing to do sometimes. Basic morals that were so important to our ancestors in the past don’t seem to matter much to most people anymore. Moral values such as dignity, loyalty, determination, kindness, and compassion are values that aren’t found in most people anymore but Edmund Duce Andrade, Jr. had it all.

Love you Duce!