Education Requirements for Hoisting Engineer License

Training is key to becoming a licensed hoisting engineer. Here you'll find all the courses you need to apply for or renew your license.

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Initial Application/Upgrades to License

To apply for or upgrade a hoisting license, applicants must first pass a written examination administered by the Office of Public Safety and Inspections. To pass the exam, applicants must earn a minimum grade of 70%.  The exam tests applicant's knowledge of:

a. the operation of the equipment for which they are being examined;

b. the ability to comprehend and interpret all placards, operation manuals, safety codes and other information pertinent to safe hoisting operations in the English language;

c. emergency procedures;

d. Massachusetts General Laws and regulations as they relate to hoisting machinery.

To prepare for an examination, all applicants should know all operating instructions provided by the manufacturer’s operating manuals. Crane and Excavator operators should know the national standard hand signals found in 520 CMR 6.00 in order to pass the crane and excavator examination. 

In addition, all applicants should have a thorough knowledge of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 146, Sections 53 – 54A and Sections 64 – 67 and the Massachusetts Regulations 520 CMR 6.00 for hoisting machinery. These regulations can be found on the Office of Public Safety and Inspections website.

You may also obtain all of the above Laws and Regulation at your local library, and/or the State House Bookstore.

Other study resources may be found at:

Renewal Application

Continuing education must be completed before every renewal and may not be used for more than one renewal. Only certificates from approved continuing education providers will be accepted in renewal applications.

For a list of approved continuing education providers, visit this page.  

In addition, note that if you intend to drop a restriction, you will have to re-test if you choose to operate that equipment in the future. Valid licenses must have at least one restriction.

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