EEA Climate Team Contact and Staff Directory

Use this directory to find contact information for staff from EEA's Climate Team and news from decarbonization and resilience efforts happening across the Commonwealth.
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Katherine Antos, Undersecretary of Decarbonization & Resilience

Katherine Antos is the Undersecretary for Decarbonization and Resilience at Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. She leads efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve Net Zero by 2050, equip people, environment and infrastructure to adapt to climate change, and ensure meaningful involvement and access to benefits of the clean energy transition for Environmental Justice communities.

Decarbonization Team

Setting and advancing the implementation of the emissions reductions necessary to meet the Commonwealth’s Net Zero requirements.

Melissa Mittelman  Assistant Secretary for Decarbonization 
Hong-Hanh Chu Policy Lead for Carbon Sequestration & Storage
Daniel Gatti  Policy Lead for Transportation Decarbonization
Martha Grover Policy Lead for Building Decarbonization
Climate Analytics   
Stu Iler  Manager of Energy and Climate Analysis
Sarah Basham  Deputy Manager for Climate Analysis
Dunbar Carpenter  Manager of Land Carbon Science and Analysis

Climate Adaptation and Resilience Team

Supporting agencies, municipalities, and community partners in building resilience to climate change impacts.

Mia Mansfield  Assistant Secretary for Resilience 
Emily Dahl  Deputy Director of Climate Resilience and Finance 
Climate Science   
Edwin Sumargo  Climate Scientist
Caitlin Spence  Assistant Climate Scientist/ Hydroclimatologist
Margot Mansfield  Assistant Climate Scientist/ Coastal Hazards Specialist
Municipal Support   
Kara Runsten  Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Director 
Marissa Robertson  Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Deputy Director 
Elder Gonzalez Trejo  Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program Coordinator 
Sula Watermulder  GIS Specialist
Michelle Rowden  MVP Regional Coordinator- Northeast
Carolyn Norkiewicz MVP Regional Coordinator- Greater Boston
Courtney Rocha  MVP Regional Coordinator- Southeast 
Hillary King MVP Regional Coordinator- Central
Andrew Smith  MVP Regional Coordinator- Greater Connecticut River Valley 
Emma Sass MVP Regional Coordinator- Berkshires and Hilltowns
Emily Murad Intern


Community Engagement & Partnership

Working across both the Decarbonization and Resilience sides of the Climate Team to develop strong, equitable mechanisms for community input and accountable engagement.

Oleander Stone  Deputy Director of Climate Equity and Environmental Justice
Patrick Forde  Deputy Manager of Public Engagement for Climate Solutions 

Outreach, News and Events

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