Effective Date of Allowances

Accidental Disability

  • When will my accidental disability retirement allowance become effective?

    An accidental disability retirement allowance will become effective (for Group 1, 2, and 4 members) on the date your injury was sustained or the hazard undergone, which formed the medical basis for your retirement; or on the date six months prior to your filing a written application with your retirement board, or on the date you last received regular compensation from your employer, whichever date last occurs.

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Ordinary Disability

  • When will my ordinary disability retirement allowance become effective?

    An ordinary disability retirement allowance will become effective on the date of your retirement. Your retirement date may not be less than 15 days or more than four months after the date your application is filed. Also, it may not be later than the date on which you will reach the maximum age for your classification, or earlier than the last day for which you received regular compensation.

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Effect of Re-Entering Service on Eligibility for Ordinary Disability

  • Will my re-entry into service after a separation from service affect my eligibility for an ordinary disability retirement allowance?

    Any member who has re-entered service is not eligible to receive an ordinary disability retirement allowance until they have returned to active service for two consecutive years. This two-year requirement will not apply if the member was eligible to receive a termination retirement allowance, or had 10 years of creditable service prior to the last separation from service. In a few systems that have not adopted the 10-year ordinary disability provision, the member must have 15 years of creditable service.
Date published: July 1, 2015