Enlisting Counselors As Allies

Learn how MCB counselors work and how to best enlist their assistance. What can they do? How do you work with them?

When you become a client of MCB, you're assigned a counselor dedicated to your case. These people can be remarkable advocates, experienced navigators, and your best source of information and assistance. We've spoken with clients, family, and counselors to learn what makes a great relationship with your personal connection to services.


Learn About The Relationship

Starting On The Path To What's Next
Building An Ally Through Transitions
Building A Relationship Of Trust And Progress
Counselors: Compassion And Empathy In Action


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Read About Using Services


MCB Matches Kids With Extraordinary Experiences

Part of MCB's work with 14- to 22-year-old students is finding and facilitating experiences that extend their interests and confidence.

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MCB, Teachers, And Your Plans: Getting The Most From Your School

Beginning in their school years, and especially in the vital 14-22 years, MCB works together with school districts and Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) to advocate for blind students.

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What Drives MCB's Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselors?

MCB's counselors are a personal advocate and ally for each blind person in Massachusetts. It's work that's custom-fit to each unique case.

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"We Meet People Where They Are": Engaging With MCB When You're Ready

Coming to grips with vision loss — either through trauma or a degenerative condition — can be intimidating. For some, accepting assistance takes time and courage. How do MCB clients and counselors find their way to working together?

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What To Expect In Your First Meetings With MCB

By law, anyone over 14 years old declared legally blind in Massachusetts is screened immediately eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation services from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind. Within a short window of time, those clients will hear from MCB, beginning a relationship for years forward. What can someone expect in their first conversations with MCB?

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Working Together: How Doctors and MCB Work Together For Clients

Every patient's journey with MCB begins from the moment their doctor declares them legally blind. Aligned from the start, doctors and MCB counselors and staff work immediately and over years to define and refine the tools, training, assistance, and accommodations that enhance the quality of their life.

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What MCB's Vocational Rehabilitation Offers

The goal of VR is to — to the degree possible — help prepare clients in overcoming barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment and/or other useful occupations.

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