Equalized Valuations (EQV)

Equalized Valuation is the determination of an estimate of the full and fair cash value (FFCV) of all property in the Commonwealth as of a certain taxable date.

EQVs have historically been used as a variable in distributing some state aid accounts and for determining county assessments and other costs. The Commissioner of Revenue, in accordance with MGL Ch. 58 §10C, is charged with the responsibility of biennially determining an equalized valuation for each city and town in the Commonwealth.

Through a statistical analysis, the levels of assessment were determined for each of the major classes of property and then the estimated full and fair cash value was derived. To this was added a projected new construction value developed through a review of the past four years' new growth and the Urban Redevelopment Corporation numbers (MGL, Ch.121A). The resulting final figures for your municipality appear on the Form LA-19 appearing in the list below.


EQV Reports and Correspondence

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