Evacuation Planning

State evacuation plans support the Commonwealth in planning for and implementing evacuations due to impacts from all hazards.

The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) maintains evacuation plans to support the Commonwealth in planning for and implementing evacuations due to impacts from all hazards.  These plans provide the context for, and resources needed to support, an evacuation from the local or regional level, and also ensure the access and functional needs of all populations are considered.

Evacuation Coordination Plan

The Evacuation Coordination Plan establishes a consistent framework for the Commonwealth and its agencies to plan for and support local and regional evacuations. The Coordination of mass evacuations during emergencies and disasters within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts will involve numerous response agencies and jurisdictions and timely, effective coordination between all stakeholders. This Evacuation Coordination Plan provides operational guidance for emergency management activities coordinated at the Massachusetts State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC) related to evacuations resulting from notice and no notice incidents. This annex also accounts for scenarios where sheltering in place may be more appropriate, and therefore effective. 

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Critical Transportation Need (CTN) Operations Plan

The Critical Transportation Need (CTN) Operations Plan, which is an annex to the Commonwealth’s Evacuation Coordination Plan, provides the foundational elements and overarching principles pertaining to a local and State Critical Transportation Need (CTN) evacuation. CTN populations are those who lack personal transportation and requires government-provided transportation assistance to evacuate out of an at-risk area to a designated shelter. Additionally, the Plan incorporates the key concepts, functions, procedures, and processes associated with state support to local government and the commonalities of local CTN evacuation operations.

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