Executive Office of Education (EOE) FY22 data-driven performance

Learn how EOE uses data to improve your experience with state government.

The Baker-Polito Administration is working hard to improve your experience with state government. To that end, EOE has been asked to identify our critical constituent-facing services and to track our ongoing efforts to improve their delivery. By selecting key metrics and measuring performance against annual targets, our goal is to provide you with the resources you need as simply, efficiently, and transparently as possible.

You can find out which metrics our agencies are tracking and how they're performing on this page.

EOE’s Fiscal Year 2022 Performance

Executive Office of Education 

FY 22 Metric FY22 Target FY22 Current Performance
Early College and Innovation Pathway Expansion Designate an additional 50 early college, innovation pathway, and Career Technical Institute programs More than 76 programs are in process to receive designation as either an early college, innovation pathway or career technical institute this fiscal year.

Department of Higher Education (DHE)

FY 22 Metric FY22 Target FY22 Current Performance
Cycle time for decisions on institutional applications for renewal in Massachusetts SARA Average number of days from complete application to decision <60 days All renewal applications were reviewed in an average of 55 days from the date of submission to the date of decision.

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

FY22 Metric FY22 Target FY22 Current Performance
Review Time for Educator Licensure Applications Processing time for reviews of licensure applications will be two weeks or less during non-peak periods (mid-October-June) and no more than five weeks during peak periods (July-mid-October). In addition, via audits of evaluations performed by staff, there will be a 97% accuracy rating in the evaluations (reviews) of applications for licensure.  On average, across the non-peak and peak period license applications have been reviewed in less two weeks. There was a 98% accuracy  rating in audits of evaluations performed by staff. 

Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)

FY22 Metric FY22 Target FY22 Current Performance
Increase current capacity in early education and care programs (as impacted by COVID) by 25%  Add 7,500 available seats at early education and care providers across the Commonwealth. 454 new providers have opened since July 1, 2021 resulting in a total of 9,597 new child care seats.




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