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The Operational Services Division offers resources to help local governments navigate our wide selection of Statewide Contracts and implement purchasing and procurement solutions that complement local needs.
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Commitment to Local Governments

The Local Government Enablement (LGE) Team works with municipal organizations to ensure buyers have familiarity and ease of access to the selection, pricing, and added benefits negotiated by the state through Statewide Contracts (SWCs).

LGE team members regularly meet with municipal decision makers throughout the Commonwealth to discuss SWC products and services and help organizations leverage COMMBUYS to simplify their purchasing and procurement processes.

Tap into everything OSD has to offer through the Local Government Enablement Team.


Helpful Resources 

Statewide Contract Benefits and 30B Compliance

The Commonwealth offers more than 100 Statewide Contracts that, in addition to advantageous pricing, provide other tangible benefits, such as prompt pay discounts, bulk purchase pricing, and extended warranties. Utilizing Statewide Contracts may save you time and money while providing best value for your community.

The Office of the Inspector General has provided the following guidance regarding Statewide Contracts: Purchases made from SWCs procured through the Operational Services Division are exempt from the requirements of 30B. M.G.L. c. 30B (1)(c) and municipal entities are able to purchase products or services from SWCs without seeking bids or quotations. Users must comply with use guidelines provided for each SWC. For 30B questions, contact the Office of the Inspector General.

Bring COMMBUYS to Your City or Town

COMMBUYS is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ online procurement platform, supporting commerce between government buyers and businesses. Use COMMBUYS to purchase from Statewide Contracts, find grant opportunities, and take advantage of the platform’s free bid management tools – tailored training included!

COMMBUYS Bid Management Resources

In addition to facilitating SWC purchasing, take advantage of COMMBUYS’ bid management features.

In today’s environment, many staff are working remotely and social distancing protocols make managing paper bids practically impossible. Refer to the resources below to learn how easy it is to use COMMBUYS’ free bid management tools which comply with 30B requirements.

  • Bid Management Guidance and Solutions webinar hosted by OSD and the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).  Watch the video recording.
  • Q&A from OSD/OIG Bid Management Guidance and Solutions webinar.
  • COMMBUYS Bid Management training for municipalities. Watch the video recording


Contact the Local Government Enablement Team for more information.

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