Find out who you must give notice to in a probate matter

When you file for probate, you may need to give certain people notice of the case.

Who do I have to give notice to?

Notice must be given either by in-hand delivery or first-class ordinary mail to:

  1. Heirs at law;
  2. Devisees, including any devisee that is a charity (in the case of a devise to an existing trust or trustees, or to a trustee or trust established by the will, the trust or trustee is the devisee and the beneficiaries are not devisees);
  3. Any person having a higher or equal right to appointment not waived in writing and filed with the division;
  4. Any PR of the decedent whose appointment has not been terminated;
  5. The Attorney General of Massachusetts, if there is no spouse or heir at law of the decedent or if any devisee is a charity;
  6. A conservator or guardian appointed to represent a spouse, heir at law or devisee who is an incapacitated person, protected person, or a minor, and the person represented regardless of age; AND
  7. Any other person as the petitioner elects.

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