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How Many Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Do I Need to Renew My License?

CEUs are required for each licensure cycle. Although previous licensure cycles ran from October 1 every even year to September 30 of the next even year, the Board recently transitioned to a birthday renewal. Your licensure cycle now runs biennially on your birthday, and CEUs for the past two years must be completed when you renew. The Board may conduct random audits and request proof that you completed CEUs.

  • LICSWs must complete 30 CEUs
  • LCSWs must have 20 CEUs
  • LSWs must have 15 CEUs
  • LSWAs must have 10 CEUs

Can I Renew My Expired License?

Yes, provided that the license has not been expired for more than one year. You must have completed the necessary continuing education credits and submit the renewal application form and the renewal fee, plus the late fee.

If My License Has Been Lapsed for More Than One Year, May I Renew My License?

No, you must apply for re-licensure. Documents previously submitted ordinarily need not be re-submitted, but applicants for re-licensure must meet all current criteria. Applicants may be required to appear before the Board.

You will need to apply for re-licensure and re-examine, if your license has been expired for more than two years.

Can I Practice Clinical Social Work Independently If I Have an LCSW?

No, in order to practice independently, or as a self-employed individual, one must have an LICSW license. If one has an LCSW license, one may provide clinical services only as the employee of another individual, agency, or institution under the supervision of an LICSW. You must receive individual supervision at a rate of one hour for every 35 hours worked. A person is an employee of another if the so-called employer has the right to control or direct the way in which the so-called employee does his or her work, and can fire him or her for failure to do what he or she is told to do.

How Do I Learn About License Requirements, Submit an Application for a License, and Get More Details About Exams?

Contact the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) for more information.  ASWB processes the Board’s applications and can answer questions about the process.

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