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Freshwater fishing resources

Whether you're a beginner learning to fish on your own or looking to improve your existing skills, we've got the tutorials and tips to support you!


Special topics

  • Panfish: How to catch, prepare, and cook
    Get tips and recipes to help you enjoy the freshwater fish you catch. Panfish include fish like black crappie, white perch, yellow perch, bluegill, and pumpkinseed.

  • All About Ice Fishing: Angler Education Coordinator Jim Lagacy gives his best tips for getting started ice fishing, including safety, gear, bait, and more. 

  • Fall Trout Fishing Tips: MassWildlife Hatchery Manager Caleb Slater, Assistant Director of Fisheries Todd Richards, and Angler Education Coordinator Jim Lagacy talk all things trout in Massachusetts! They give important updates about fall trout stocking, show you how to find trout stocked waters near you, and offer fall trout fishing tips.

  • Finding Bass in Mass: Professional bass angler Gene Ellison joins MassWildlife staff and divulges some of his best tips for finding and catching bass. Jason Stolarski, MassWildlife Watershed Project Leader, talks about how he catches and studies bass and other fish in lakes and ponds across Massachusetts with fisheries sampling gear. Todd Richards, MassWildlife Assistant Director of Fisheries, demos some great online tools to help you find bass on your own.

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