FY2024-FY2027 Protecting Consumers from Unlawful Seizures by Creditors Grant

Learn how to submit an application for the FY2024-FY2027 Protecting Consumers from Unlawful Seizures by Creditors Grant offered by the Attorney General's Office.

The Office of Massachusetts Attorney Andrea Joy Campbell (AGO) is pleased to announce the FY2024-FY2027 Protecting Consumers from Unlawful Seizures by Creditors Grant. The grant will fund legal services organizations to provide assistance to consumers in Massachusetts who are vulnerable to having their assets and income unlawfully seized by creditors and debt collectors in the courts. Successful applicants will provide lawyer-for-the-day programs and extended representation to protect consumers’ exempt income and assets in post-judgment court proceedings. The grant program will be funded with up to $800,000 from settlement funds resulting from an AGO enforcement action involving a company that engaged in a number of unlawful debt collection practices, including misleading financially distressed consumers about their obligations to use their meager sources of income to pay debts.

Consumer debt collection cases make up a significant percentage of the Massachusetts court civil docket.  While the number of debt collection cases vary by court department, it is not uncommon for at least 40% of small claims cases in a single department to be filed by four debt buyers alone. In most debt collection cases, creditor plaintiffs are represented by attorneys while consumer defendants are not.  These consumer debt cases therefore represent a persistent access to justice problem. 

Among the priorities for the AGO’s Consumer Protection Division (CPD) is to ensure that creditors comply with laws that exempt certain income and assets from seizure by creditors. Maximizing access to counsel, particularly through expanded LFD programs, will advance that goal.  Therefore, the AGO requests that interested organizations respond to this RFP with proposals meeting the criteria identified below.

Applicants can access the full RFP here.

Table of Contents

Submission Instructions

  • Grant applications with accompanying proposals must be delivered electronically through the AGO’s online grant application website by 5:00 p.m. on March 22, 2024.
  • Interested applicants may access the application here: Grant Application Portal.
  • New applicants will be asked to create a free online account. Any applicant that has applied for any AGO grant using the online grant application website may log into its existing account.  All applicants should confirm their contact information is current on their applicant profiles.
  • Confirmation of Receipt: Applicants typically receive an email confirmation within 48 business hours; if one is not received, please call the AGO Grants Team at 617-963-2150 for assistance.


Eligibility is limited to nonprofit organizations providing free legal services, primarily to low-income populations at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. The organization must have a demonstrated history of providing legal advocacy on behalf of low and moderate-income consumers. Applications are welcome from organizations that rely heavily on law students to provide legal assistance under the supervision of a licensed attorney.   

Nonprofit organizations must be in full compliance with all annual reporting requirements of both the AGO and the Internal Revenue Service, as applicable, in order to be eligible for funding.

Funding, Duration, and Anticipated Timeline

Grant awards will be issued in varying amounts up to $200,000. Applicant budgets may or may not be funded in their entirety, or at all. All funding decisions will be at the discretion of the AGO.  Applicants may propose indirect rates of 15% or less. Applicant shall not supplant currently funded activities with grant funds.

Grant funds will be awarded with an anticipated start date of April 29, 2024. The maximum grant period will not extend beyond August 31, 2027. The AGO will not allow program extensions except for good cause shown. The AGO may deny program extension requests at its sole discretion.


Questions regarding this RFP may be submitted to AGOgrants@mass.gov, only until 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2024.  When submitting your question(s), please include “Protecting Consumers’ Exempt Income and Assets Grant” in the email subject line.  Questions received and answers provided regarding this RFP will be posted on the AGO’s online grant application website: Grant Application Portal.

Reasonable Accommodation

Applicants with disabilities may seek reasonable accommodation, including receipt of the RFP in an alternative format, by writing to AGOgrants@mass.gov no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2024.

Information for Individuals

The AGO will award Protecting Consumers from Unlawful Seizures by Creditors Grants to legal services organizations. The AGO does not accept grant applications from consumers seeking direct assistance.  If you are an individual searching for support with debt collection, the AGO recommends contacting the Consumer Advocacy and Response Division. Additional resources and information can be found here.

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