FY24 CPPI Maintenance Grant

Deadline for Submission: August 7, 2023 by 4 PM.

EEC is conducting a renewal procurement to award grants to cities, towns, regional school districts or educational collaboratives to expand high-quality pre-kindergarten or preschool opportunities, on a voluntary basis, to four-year-old children eligible for kindergarten by September 2024 and three-year-old children eligible for kindergarten by September 2025. EEC will use the model of the CPPI Grant to engage communities in collaborations between public school districts and EEC-licensed early education programs to explore ways to expand local access for three and four-year-old children and provide opportunities for access to high quality care that meets the diverse needs of families in their communities.

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Who can apply:

This is a renewal grant. Only those agencies and programs that received CPPI funding in FY 2023 are eligible to apply for the renewal grant funds.

Eligibility requirements:

Please refer to the original FY 2023 CPPI Maintenance Grant Application/RFR and FY24 CPPI Maintenance RFR Amendment for the list of eligibility requirements for this grant.

How to apply:

The instructions for how to apply for the FY 2024 CPPI Maintenance Grant will be sent in an email to current grantees.  Please refer to the document titled, “FY 2024 CPPI Maintenance Grant Online Application Instructions,” for the instructions. 

If you require technical assistance with the online application, please email EECSubmission@mass.gov with the subject line, “FY 2024 CPPI Maintenance Grant.”

Timeline for grant:

Procurement Activity



Grant Application Release/Posting

July 27, 2022

Submission Deadline for Grant Applications

Applicants must submit proposals to:


August 7, 2023

4:00 PM

Contract Start Date (Estimated)

September 1, 2023

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