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Gabriel Bara-Bardo

Jul 26, 1999 - Aug 5, 2017

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Gabriel Bara-Bardo

Gabe loved music and art and was an avid guitarist who had aspirations of furthering his education by attending music school. He loved the art of tattoos and was an "old soul" who often spoke in poetic terms and anyone who knew Gabe could attest to his kind and gentle nature. Gabe not only illuminated the lives of those he touched while on this earth, but he now shines on through his wish to donate life so others could live. Gabe gave the gift of life to others through his organ donation.

The pain of losing a child, especially to homicide, is unbearable. It is unrelenting. There is no reprieve. Gabe dies again every morning that we awake, every moment in between and every sleepless night. We are all broken, for the loss of Gabe permeates our family as we try to find a new normal.

Please remember Gabriel. Please say his name. Gabe.