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Gasoline Safety

Tips on the safe use of gasoline to prevent fires and burns.

Gasoline is very common and familiar. We don't often think about how dangerous and flammable it is.

Safety tips

Image of a red gasoline can
  • If you need to carry or store gasoline, use an approved container. Keep the container in a secure, upright position away from passenger areas, such as in a trunk or pick-up bed. Make sure that fill and vent openings are tightly closed.
  • Store gas containers in a secure place, away from living areas. Use a locked shed or detached garage. Keep gas away from ignition sources like pilot lights.
  • Keep gasoline away from heat, sparks and flames. A spark or lit cigarette is enough to light gas fumes that linger on clothing.
  • Keep gasoline away from children. Children aged 10 to 14 are more likely to get in trouble with gasoline and suffer burns as people of other ages.
  • Stop, drop, cover and roll if you are on fire.
  • Turn off your car when you get gas. Don't leave fueling unattended. Don't wait in the car. Do not stick the gas cap into the nozzle. At self-service stations, remember to put the nozzle back and your gas cap on before leaving.
  • To refill an approved gas container, put it on the ground. Next, insert the pump nozzle, and bring it into contact with the inside of the container. This reduces the risk of static electricity igniting vapors.  

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