Glyphosate Commission Reports

A Commission established to conduct a scientific review of the potential impacts of glyphosate and its most common alternative herbicides on the environment and public health.

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Phase 2 Report

Phase 1 Report


The Glyphosate Scientific Review Phase 1 Report is now available.


The Commission decided at the June 17, 2022 meeting that it would receive public input on the Phase 1 Report until June 30, 2022.  Comments on the Phase 1 Report may be found below. 

The Report was for the Glyphosate Commission by Eastern Research Group, Inc., under a contract with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources.

The Commission has contracted for a scientific review of glyphosate and its alternatives. The review is to consider uses, restrictions, public health impacts, and environmental impacts of glyphosate. The project into two phases.
In Phase One, ERG is tasked with identifying all resources to consider for the scientific review.  ERG will then review those resources in Phase Two.


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