Greening the Gateway City Tree Planting Program

Learn how your organization can help plant more trees in urban areas to reduce energy consumption and become more environmentally friendly.


The Greening the Gateway Cities Tree Planting Program is designed to bring the energy efficiency and environmental benefits of a healthy tree canopy to Gateway Cities, former industrial cities identified by the administration for targeted redevelopment efforts. So far, over 8,000 trees have been planted throughout 13 Gateway Cities.

Along with higher energy efficiency, Gateway Cities will see benefits such as:

  • A reduction in stormwater runoff
  • Better air quality
  • An increase in property values and tax receipts
  • A safer, healthier environment for residents

Program Objectives

  • Increase the urban tree canopy to 5-10% in select neighborhoods in each Gateway City, in order to reduce heating and cooling costs and improve health and safety for residents.

Partnership Details

Your organization's support will allow EEA to plant trees quicker and more efficiently. This will allow neighborhoods to reap the benefits of a healthy tree canopy. Lowering energy consumption by homes and businesses is a key objective in the Commonwealth’s plan to reduce greenhouse gasses by 25% before 2020. .

Neighborhood Partner

As a Neighborhood Partner, your organization would support the planting and care of trees in a zone or neighborhood.

  • All inclusive of labor, approximately 2,400 trees, and watering for 3 years
  • Potential for employee service opportunities
  • 3 year commitment total = $1,500,000

Crew Partner

As a Crew Partner, you would support the work of a tree crew for a planting season.

  • Labor and materials to plant approximately 400 trees
  • Potential for employee service opportunities
  • 1 season total = $250,000

Tree Partner

As a Tree Partner, your organization would donate 50 trees for a scheduled canopy planting.

  • Cost for 50 trees @ $200/tree = $10,000
  • Cost for 50 trees plus planting and watering for a season = $53,000

Supplies Partner/Operations Funding

As a Supplies Partner, your organization would help fund the purchase of materials that aren't priorities for the main capital funding. Your support would help with the procurement of safety and communications equipment (including gloves, safety vests, fuel), data collection, and tree maintenance.

  • 1 season total = $140,000; contributions in any amount are welcome

Technology/Logistical Support to Increase Resident Tree Sign-Ups

One of the most important aspects of this program is resident involvement. Your organization's support would help us reach more people, getting more sign ups for this free program.

  • Donate staff time and effort to develop and execute innovative means of recruiting land owners willing to have trees planted

Building Tree Nurseries in Gateway Cities

Tree nurseries will help these initiatives continue for many years to come in these cities by providing less expensive new trees for planting. Your organization's support would help these cities continue this good work long into the future.

  • Sponsor the creation of a tree nursery = $100,000 

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