Historic Curatorship Program

A public-private historic preservation program that offers the opportunity for outside parties to lease unique historic houses and buildings in return for an investment of sweat equity and rehabilitation work.


Under this program, DCR partners with Curators who rehabilitate, manage and maintain unused, historic properties in return for a long-term lease. As a result, DCR secures the long-term preservation of threatened historic sites for the public's benefit, and Curators exchange an investment and their hard work and unique skills for the opportunity to live or work in a one-of-a-kind location.

Curators are selected through an open and competitive process and proposed reuses must be compatible with the historic and natural character of the park or forest. Proposals are evaluated according to the experience of the applicant, the quality of the reuse plan, proof of sufficient resources to undertake the project, and level of public benefit beyond providing biannual public access.

See the information links below to learn more about the program or find out if you might be DCR's next Curator.

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Table of Contents

General Program Information

New Properties and Opportunities

Find new Requests for Proposals and Requests for Expressions of Interest here when they become available

Seeking Expressions of Interest for 2 properties statewide

DCR is seeking Expressions of Interested from parties curious about the opportunity to rehabilitate, manage and maintain these two unique historic properties.  Click here to learn more.

2 properties - RFEI
Lake Wyola Farmhouse, Shutesbury, MA (left) and former Superintendent's House, Beartown State Forest, Monterey (right)

News and Program Updates

Administration Announces Completion of Speedway Revitalization Project  

Historic State Park Building Becomes Hub for Community Gathering and Commerce

Speedway entry gate; Western Ave.

Learn about this exciting public-private preservation project :


Properties Under Agreement

Properties listed in Program Legislation

Properties Listed in Program Legislation

In order to be eligible for the Program, properties must be included in special legislation that allows DCR to enter into a long term lease, and to exchange rehab, management and maintenance services for fair market rent. 

PLEASE NOTE: These properties are not currently available for proposals and DCR does not accept unsolicited proposals. Due to the complex nature of these long-term partnerships, DCR only makes a few properties available for proposals annually. Pulic interest, however, is one of the criteria DCR uses to prioritize properties, so if you have a general interest in any of the properties listed or a specific region, please contact the program at HCP.Requests@state.ma.us.



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Date published: February 27, 2020
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