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Housing Court Justices

A list of the judges of the Housing Court Department

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Hon. Timothy F. Sullivan, Chief Justice

Hon. Jonathan Kane, First Justice
Hon. Gustavo del Puerto, First Justice
Hon. Diana Horan, First Justice
Hon. Joseph Kelleher III, First Justice
Hon. Donna Salvidio, First Justice 
Hon. Neil Sherring, First Justice
Hon. Robert Fields
Hon. Michael Malamut
Hon. MaryLou Muirhead
Hon. Maria Theophilis
Hon. Irene Bagdoian
Hon. Joseph Michaud
Hon. Alexander Mitchell-Munevar
Hon. Sergio Carvajal
Hon. Anne Kenney Chaplin (Recall Justice)
Hon. Fairlie Dalton (Recall Justice)
Hon. Dina Fein (Recall Justice)
Hon. Jeffrey Winik (Recall Justice)




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