Housing Stabilization Notices

The Division of Housing Stabilization is charged with the mission of preventing homelessness, sheltering those for whom homelessness is currently unavoidable, and rapidly re-housing the homeless to stable, permanent housing.

In response to the dynamics of a changing population and housing market as well as new statues and regulations that may be introduced, the Division’s policies and guidelines may periodically be updated.

To improve transparency and accountability a list of notices may be found below.

For additional information, please contact 617-573-1100.

Table of Contents

Notices for 2024

Notices for 2023

Notices for 2022

Notices for 2021

Notices for 2020

Notices for 2019

Notices for 2018

Housing Stabilization Notice 2018 - UW1 - Universal Waiver of EA Regulations, $2,500 asset limit

HUD Federal Poverty Guidelines

Notices for 2016

Housing Stabilization Notice 2016-03 - Guidance on Use of Terms Regarding Health and Safety

Housing Stabilization Notice 2016-02 - Updated and Revised TESI Policy

Housing Stabilization Notice 2016-01 - Implementation of Increase in the Federal Poverty Guidelines effective February 3, 2016

Notices for 2015

Housing Stabilization Notice 2015-02 - Changes to the Noncompliance Process

Notices for 2014

Housing Stabilization Notice 2014-02 - Guidance on Temporary Emergency Shelter Interruptions

Notices for 2013

Housing Stabilization Notice 2013-03A - Extension of HSN 2013-03

Housing Stabilization Notice 2013-03 - Exemption from 12-Month Rule for Families receiving HomeBASE Household Assistance

Housing Stabilization Notice 2013-02 - HomeBASE Transition to Emergency Assistance

Housing Stabilization Notice 2013-07B - Guidance on Verification of Domestic Violence

Notices for 2012

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-13 - Cross References to New Regulation Numbers

106 CMR to 760 CMR EA Cross References

DTA FOM 2003-28
DTA FOM 2004-39a
DTA FOM 2005-25
DTA FOM 2005-55
DTA FOM 2006-04
DTA FOM 2006-49
DTA FOM 2007-40    
DTA FOM 2008-62  
DTA FOM 2008-74 
DTA FOM 2009-07    
DTA FOM 2009-20    
DTA FOM 2009-32 

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-12 - Clarification of Procedures Involving Re-Application and Open Applications

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-11 - Guidance on whether to consider LIHTC units as subsidized

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-10 - Guidance on the meaning of a direct threat to the household's safety

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-09A - Guidance on Meaning of Fault in Fires, Floods, Natural Disasters and No-Fault Evictions

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-08 - Guidance on Basic Verifications for Intake

 Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-06B - has been replaced by Housing Stabilization Notice 2016-03

Health and Safety Assessment Initiative Administrative Plan

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-05 - Guidance on Eligibility Issues Relating to Housing before Homelessness

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-04 - Guidance on Temporary Emergency Shelter Interruptions (TESI)

Housing Stabilization Notice 2012-03 - HomeBase relationship to Emergency Assistance; HomeBase not Subject to EA 12-Month Rule

Notices for 2011

Housing Stabilization Notice 2011-02  - Definition of Spouse

Notices for 2010

Housing Stabilization Notice 2010-01  - Guidance on Additional Adult Household Members

 - PAAHM 01 - Request to Include Adult Household Member
 - PAAHM 02 - Notice of Approval/Denial of Proposed Household Member
 - EAR 01 - Request to Include Extra Adult Household Member
 - EAR 02 - Notice of Approval/Denial of EAR 

Notices for 2009

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