Industrial Rail Access Program funding

MassDOT manages IRAP on a cyclical basis and solicits new candidate projects in the Spring of each year. IRAP projects are expected to be completed within 2 years of starting up.

IRAP projects are implemented through IRAP Grant Agreements with industry rail shippers and/or freight railroads. No more than 60% of project costs are supported with state IRAP funds; at a minimum the remaining 40% of projects costs must be provided by the railroad operator and/or industry project sponsor. The maximum IRAP grant award cannot exceed $700,000.

The Rail & Transit Administrator evaluates and recommends eligible projects for funding consideration. The MassDOT Secretary & CEO, in consultation with the Secretary of the Executive Office of Economic Development (EOED), makes IRAP awards to successful applicants.

FY 2025 Funding

MassDOT will make up to $3 million of IRAP funding available to support the FY 2025 solicitation for IRAP candidate projects. Applications are available April 24, 2024, and due May 23, 2024.

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