Information about filing HIRD forms for Professional Employer Organizations

Guidance for PEOs on completing the HIRD request on behalf of customers

The Department of Revenue recently received inquiries from PEOs asking for additional information on how to file the HIRD (Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure) request in MassTaxConnect (MTC). The HIRD is administered by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services and the Department of Revenue through MTC. The HIRD online form will assist MassHealth in identifying members, with access to qualifying employer-sponsored insurance that may be eligible for the MassHealth Premium Assistance Program.

The Department recognizes that companies utilize PEOs through an on-paper transfer of employees to the PEO to facilitate the Federal and State withholding requirements under the PEO’s Federal Tax Identification Number. Companies continue to provide wage reporting data to the Division of Unemployment Assistance at the company level.

As part of the HIRD initiative, the Department of Revenue is working with MassHealth to gather employer/company level information about employer-sponsored insurance offerings.

It is the responsibility of each of your clients to complete this HIRD request; however, PEOs can complete this request on behalf of the customer. To do this they must complete an HIRD request for each individual client. To access the online form, please follow these steps:

  1. If you are a PEO with access to your clients’ MTC login information, simply log in to your MTC account and search for your client. Choose the withholding account and navigate to the “I want to” section to view the HIRD request link (there is no need to re-activate the withholding registration of your client as the link is available regardless of whether the account is active). It is the employer’s responsibility to complete the HIRD request; however, the link is available to third party administrators if you choose to complete the online form on their behalf.
  2. If your client does not have an MTC login, and you choose to perform the HIRD filing for them, you will need to have them enroll as a user in MTC. They will then need to elect third party delegation rights for your company. 

    Please note: If the company does not have a withholding account registered; whether, active or inactive with the Department, they will need to register for withholding tax and then cease the account obligations.

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